Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Called Capital Flight

And it's a feature, not a bug of socialism.

Now, imagine if the US would have eliminated all income taxes and instead of hating the rich tried to woo them to invest here.

This guy's $30 billion would have helped our economy, no?

But, no, no.  I know, that's just too freaking complicated and difficult for you lefties to understand?


Anonymous said...

Sure... Romney's 13% is just so painfull..

Carnivore said...

But Captain, he's gotta pay is "fair" share.

Captain Capitalism said...

OK Anon,

Where's your source?

He's only paying capital gains then? Like Buffett?

This isn't CNBC or CNN or MSNBC.

Truth is primary.

On top of it, he shouldn't pay ANYTHING on his income. And isn't 13% of his income more than Obama ever paid in nominal dollars.

Just envious of people more successful than you. How petty and sad.