Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Political Science Department at the University of Georgia

From our young Agent in the Field:

I truly now understand why political science is such a worthless degree and how my sister is earning 10 dollars an hour at a job she got at a bank.

I checked out some of the PDFs for some of the classes and it's pretty much a huge joke. They list all the "books" you need in the syllabi which sound like the ones I can either buy cheap on Amazon or go to my local public library and check them out for free and read the same material at my own pace and learn it, or better yet, listen to talk radio. I've even Googled some of the authors of the books they recommend like John Stuart Mill. Shockingly enough, I discovered that a lot of the authors were either liberal or influenced by some Marxist writer or had ties to Marxism. Utter brainwashing. A lot of the authors suspiciously were Yale and Harvard graduates. In one of the courses, you can even read and learn about Karl Marx.

I like how his sister is making $10/hr. That's actually quite high for a BA in Poli (ahem ahem COUGH COUGH, WHEEZE WHEEZE) "Science."

Keep spreading the word young people.  And as an insult or a "I Told You So" gift, you can always buy them "Worthless."


Bill said...

What?? Nothing from Ayn Rand in the syllabi?

MCapt Bill

Faust said...

I like John Stuart Mill. He's an important writer. He's a good writer. He has interesting things to say, and they're worth hearing. Mill ain't the problem here.

The problem is that John Stuart Mill's books are entirely out of copyright. If you've got an E-reader or don't mind reading them on a computer screen, they're free. If you don't, Barnes and Noble will sell them to you at about 7 bucks a pop; about what it costs to get lunch at McDonalds.

The same goes for pretty much every major author in the western canon. For the cost of a single five-hour sociology course, you could afford a library that would bring you a lifetime of learning. You could probably even throw in the book shelf to put it on.

Unknown said...

UGA was also ranked as the #1 party school in the nation back in 2010. Nothing wrong with a little bit of college partying here and there, but not when you're blowing off 20 grand in student loans and tax dollars to major in puppies and unicorns basically.

It all makes complete sense now. I love it when people think that if they don't go to college, they'll be saying, "Would you like fries with that" when nothing could be further from the truth.

sth_txs said...

And no Mises, Rothbard, or Bastiat. No wonder we are going to hell!

Ayn Rand takes a couple things too far, but still a good read for the libtards in the English department.

LordSomber said...

I live near the campus. I see students in the coffee shops with their marxism textbooks, while the TV overhead constantly talks about unemployment. I think the irony is lost on them.

heresolong said...

I find it sad that he had to google John Stuart Mill to find out who he was.

Borepatch said...

I'm pretty sure that I still have my 2 volume Mandel "Marxist Economic Theory". Nothing wrong with studying something as long as you think about it. Even when I was 20 I wasn't buying the theory, but it's an informed rejection based on analysis.

Unknown said...

"I find it sad that he had to google John Stuart Mill to find out who he was."

I already knew who John Stuart Mill was and read several of his works (which I really enjoyed by the way), but the point of the post was to expose the leftist political bias in the majority of the authors that are required in the syllabi. I only found a few libertarian writers in my Google search and hardly anything from conservatives.

It was also to prove a point that you don't need to go to college to learn about how politics works when going to the library and keeping up with the news and talk radio would give you just as much insight at a fraction of the cost of paying thousands of dollars to some institution.

Carlito said...

In my current job I have free access to a graduate master in political sciences, so I decided to take it just for fun since, as I stated, it's free.

Oh my, all theories are from marxism, so is no wonder why they tend to be leftist. Markets are regarded as theories, because according to these studies, supply and demand are man creation hence can be changed (althought I showed them that in nature, supply and demand actually have a role, but they didn't seem convinced).

The most shoking part for me was that they suck at math, so the economy class was considerable difficult for them. I begin to understand why lefties reject mathematical proof... they don't understand how it works, so they argument everything through marxist dialectic, as if it was the only way, disregarding solid proof.

I was the only engineer in the middle of philosophers, political scientist, foreign relation majors... you get the picture. Well, I outperformed all of them by just reading the paper and repeating like a zombie the texts provided. These were people with at least 5 years of previous "knowledge", for me all was new, but so damn easy that I felt kind of dissapointed.

I like history and politics, but for me it's evident that political science is a hobby turned into a major; I would never pay to study a whole career.

Why did I stayed? the chicks were quite pretty, and I was the interesting specimen. In fact... i had a lot of fun, would do it again.

Anonymous said...

Have a friend who just graduated Poli Sci from a well known university; can only find volunteer work with Charity Orgs. Best part is he won't talk Politics because he hates the subject in its entirety now and is already looking at a local technical college as a path to learning employable skills. Best part? Spent 8 years getting a 4 year major!! He is one bitter boy now let me tell you....