Monday, September 17, 2012

Proof We Need to CUT Education Funding

Cripes.  Can't make it up.

So I presume we're all supposed to pay more in taxes to support these little brats' "college experience" without expecting them to learn anything.

I was hopeful there was an echelon or two of Gen Y students who "got it" and realized BO wasn't their savior after all.  But now I realized for every one of those truly independent minded people there's a score of complete f$#%ing retards that really think college is supposed to be an "experience."

The crash can't come soon enough.


'Reality' Doug said...

Amen! and I'm agnostic. The first step is not removing tyrants. It's removing useful idiots that elevate tyrants (also a dime a dozen). Civilization requires standards and standards require force of enforcement. Corruption, meet the forces of nature.

heresolong said...

Yup. I made this comment to my little sister and she went on for a while about how without her college time she wouldn't have been able to really find out who she was and something else because I tuned her out about then. She's pretty smart but been brainwashed into believing that everyone "needs" the experience to have a fulfilling life.


Anonymous said...

Let the bastards starve. I have no fear of them or their threats like OWS tries to pull. In fact I hope they do start coming into neighborhoods and businesses trying to bully them into submission. Do something stupid kids, a lot of us are just hoping you do.

Tom the Impaler said...

I feel that if I'm gonna blow $60k for a "life experience" I'm guessing the money will be better spent in a brothel in Thailand.

Pirran said...

How? HOW can you argue against MORE funding for the humanities when it produces a generation of super-awesome Humanities Masters such as this??