Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How 45% Can Be So Stupid

I understand that pollsters and MSM types like to oversample Democrats.  And I understand that previous to the Reagan Carter election Carter was ahead by a wide margin.

That still doesn't assuage my anger that at least 45% of Americans are so stupid to still vote for Barack Obama.


August said...

I'm sad that anyone is still voting. We ought to stay home when there is no viable candidate- both will hurt us, and politicians only start with real change when they notice their livelihoods are at stake.

S.Lynn said...

That's cuz they get the free stuff. If he loses, there goes the free stuff. Might have to actually work for stuff. Like they used to.

Pulp Herb said...

Easy enough Captain. If the bandit leader isn't stealing from you but instead sharing the loot with you, you support him.

Welfare, "disabled", and gov't workers are at least 45% of the US population now.

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother.

When I look how supposedly close the polling numbers are I shake my head.

Mean I know that at certain % of the population would vote (D) if they ran a decomposing corpse, and another fraction is just random, and furthermore I can even get some African americans vote black "because" ( I think it's ...unwise, but I get it.) and I get there is a group of American that sincerely believe that Mitt is very bad choice and Barack is the lessor evil.

But 45%+/- of the voting public? Really?

The mind boggles.

Jack Dublin said...

Just one more bit of proof that at least half the population should be banned from voting.

Anonymous said...

Its been said here already, but if you rob Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on the support of Paul.-- minuteman

CMY said...

Anon, in my heavily liberal district here in CA we actually elected a corpse (Jenny Oropeza, dead for a month) forcing a special election (more $$$) in lieu of the conservative opposition.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is a net recipient of taxes should not be allowed to vote.

Any company (or industry) that receives more in government contracts or subsidies than it pays in taxes should not be allowed to lobby.

Derrick said...

I can't go more than one day without someone liking a post on the wall of the Nikki Minaj fanpage, usually saying something very stupid about how she allegedly endorse Mitt Romney (Although other than being in a song and seeming facetious to me, but whatever.)

People are so stupid they actually think Obama gives a shit about minorities. Since the wealth gap between whites and minorities has only gotten bigger under Obama, it boggles the mind.

Meanwhile our 'best' alternative is Mitt Romney, who doesn't seem interested in the slightest about winning this campaign. But no matter who wins, I'm set, because I know the government cannot provide me a basic standard of living, they can't do it.

All those too ignorant or lazy (Although you can't say that, it's not "Correct) to do anything other than siphon others tax dollars will get their just desserts in a decade, while the rest of us do just fine.

Anonymous said...

The press calling ot for obama is going to make the riots that much worse if mit wins.