Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Last Thing College Administrators Want to Hear

"You should get your money back."

And it isn't old farts like me who's saying it, it's the youth and the students.

The education bubble is popping people.  Buy "Worthless!"


WesleyScoggins said...

Business, Science, or Engineering. Everything else is bullshit.

WesleyScoggins said...

Business, Science, or Engineering. Everything else is bullshit.

Derrick Bonsell said...

Oh, things are going to get really crappy really fast.

Just as the economy "recovers", this will come around and take everything down.

Obama winning could actually hurt the Democrats more than Romney winning.

beta_plus said...

What's really sick is that for at least the last decade (when home broadband became cheap), we could have moved almost all education for people over age 16 online (usually still need a person to crack the whip for the real young 'uns). It shows what a total grip tenured professors and teachers unions have over American education. Kids could enter the workforce immediately at 18 and study at night at their own pace in subjects that employers valued.

Dan said...

"You should get your money back." - This solution is unfair to colleges because you are putting the burden on the service provider for the subsequent successful use of the output of that service. Instead, the burden should be on the student for making sure their studies are applicable to their intended use (read "Worthless" first!). The free market will correct itself for those worthless degrees.

If a college wants to offer a money-back guarantee, that might be an interesting marketing tool though we'll have to be pretty far along in the collapse of the education bubble for that too happen.

Here's an alternate path: If you think you've been intentionally deceived, how about suing the college for false advertising? As much as I hate promoting more income for lawyers, hitting colleges in the wallet is about the only way to force a change.

The best defense is knowledge. I'm warning as many young people as I can about the education bubble.

sth_txs said...

He complains much about lack of jobs. I hope he is not an Obama voter!

Anonymous said...

There is a young guy who has a youtube channel - thenewboston, who makes his living uploading computer programming tutorials and on other topics as well.
He has repeatedly said that college was a waste of time for him, that you are better off learning for free.

Another thing that he said that i found interesting,was that colleges ask him to speak on their campuses and he tells the student they would be better of now going to college.

Anonymous said...

"Business, Science, or Engineering. Everything else is bullshit."


A lot of the above is bullshit too, and (peace Captain) there is value in a lot of liberal arts ( if learned /taught correctly) it may not get you a job, but, for example: , there is value in knowing history, in appreciating literature ( if only for the pleasure in reading and understanding the difference between gold and dross)

College is probably not the place to get a good (inthe sense of wide ranging and rigourous) liberal education most places though.

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

Cappy! I've been out for a bit, but I'm dusting things off again and taking a look around at familiar spots. Saw this post and thought I'd drop you a line on my brief bit of teaching. I did two quarters of it and brought it to an end now that my business has grown to a point that it can support me. As I sent both classes out the door on the last day, I advised them all to watch out for the education-lending complex, that most college professors just never want to leave college and will willingly derail young lives to do so, and of course that they need to buy Worthless. I don't know how many ultimately did, but hopefully more than a few.