Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TV is for Chicks


Yeah, can't wait to stay at home to watch this tripe.

Are marketing executives aware of this entirely untapped marketing demographic called "men?" 


Anonymous said...

They need to get back to satisfying me, so I can continue to ignore them while I do manly things in my basement or watch whatever I want on the internet.

Cogitans Iuvenis said...

I've been unfortunate enough to have watched an episode of New Girl. It is exactly as you would expect.

Carnivore said...

Stick with the man shows being rerun on MeTV.

daniel_ream said...

Ah, now you're in my wheelhouse, Cap.

Trust me, marketing execs are aware of the "men" demographic. They're aware that most married men aren't in control of the buying decisions and most single men aren't influenced by commercials. TV isn't about delivering programming to viewers, it's about delivering consumers to advertisers. The current state of TV reflects who's doing the buying and how they make their buying decisions (women, and by watching 30 seconds of emotional tripe).

Anonymous said...

It's not just for chicks. It's for the feminized among us which isn't only the chicks.


Captain Capitalism said...

Mr Ream,

It gives me hope in that this means the internet has potential to advertise to men.


Anonymous said...

It get's better:

TV Networks Will Be Asked To Boost Obamacare in Top Shows
A Reality TV Show to Promote ObamaCare
California Tries to Guide the Way on Health Law

Take The Red Pill said...

Except for some programs on PBS (NOVA, Antiques Roadshow, American Experience, etc.) and some movies on AMC, I watch NO programs on the idiot box. The reason: I have an IQ that is greater than the room temperature.

P.S. -- it became known as 'the idiot box' for a GOOD reason.

P.P.S. -- I am reminded of a cartoon I saw years ago: two chimpanzees are in a cage, seated in front of a TV set (obviously as part of an experimental 'study'); one of the chimps is saying to the other one, "I think these programs are written for someone with the mentality of a rhinocerous!"

Anonymous said...

While you wrote sarcastically, your objection should be taken literally. About a month ago, there was something on MSN about a small NY grocery chain starting a "man" aisle. Present day, 31% of their customers are men. In 1985, 84% of their customers were women. Do you think that anyone on Madison Ave. saw it?

Unknown said...

Hence why I don't watch TV anymore. All the manly content is on the Internet now in the form of comedy podcasts. Turner Classic Movies and a few other channels are still highly worth watching and some of the comedy line up on FX (Louie and Wilfred) is essential, but the rest is absolute garbage. Honey Boo Boo? Really????

We need more real men with actual acting skills on TV, not the kinds of pansy men I've been seeing everywhere lately that girls seem to love for no reason. Learn something from a real man like Humphrey Bogart or John Wayne and you'll have much manlier programming.

Anonymous said...

This chick finds it insulting that you would imply that crap on TV is for her.

Haven't watched TV in years...don't even get reception here. DON'T miss it in the least.

Apterous said...

Football??? Why else watch TV unless you are watching a predator eat something? (Lion eating tasty Zebra, etc)

The TV Execs already know the Man Market is lost, they are going after the nest builders.

Andrew said...


Men are influenced by pressure testing, we want to see if the product is actually worth a shit. Knowledgeable friends, reviews on youtube and ratings from Amazon users affect my purchasing decisions more than advertising ever will.

Guns, electronics, video games, supplements, you name it. I'll look stuff up.

Women are much more impulsive than we are, which is why TV adverts work so well on them. This creates a positive feedback loop that feminizes TV.

Andrew said...

Adding to my point, companies that focus on men realize this, and behave accordingly. Youtube reviewers like Hickock45, Sootch00, Nutnfancy, and Gunblastdotcom get loaners from the manufacturers on a regular basis.

Jeff Quinn of gunblastdotcom buys/borrows most of the stuff he tests, but I think he's gotten a manufacturer loaner a few times as well.

daniel_ream said...

@Roberto: Syfy's current lineup is not just estrogen-soaked beta-male bait, Saul Rubinek acknowledged in an interview that they're deliberately casting, writing,and producing for families and women.

On the science fiction channel.

Lately I've been watching the Rockford Files on Netflix. It's like a fresh breath of manhood.

(Cap, if you're not familiar, look it up. I think you'll see a lot of familiar notions in Jim Rockford).

Eric S. Mueller said...

As Daniel Ream above said, "...it's about delivering consumers to advertisers." The same concept that applies to Facebook also applies to TV: when you're receiving a service for free, you're not the customer. You're the product.

That's why many of us checked out form TV a while ago. I still have some shows I watch, but I either DVR them or watch them online. I won't sit in front of the TV at a fixed point in time anymore.

Pulp Herb said...

I gave up on TV long ago.

Results: more time devoted to stuff I really wanted to do instead of veg and I'm happier.

I still have NetFlix and watch some stuff but the only major network show I've been moved to watch in full in years is Fringe which is ending this year.

Hell, I can't even tell you what's on TV anymore.

I've watched the eight episodes of How the Universe Works to death. There is finally a second season but given I'd have to pay $100/month in cable to watch it because it's on Science Channel and I can't get that without some super duper 200+ channels of crap you don't want for 3 you do packages I'll wait for it to come to Netflix as well.

Oh, one happy side effect, while checking out at the grocery store I have no idea who the hell the people on the tabloids, both honest (ie National Enquirer type) and disguised (People type), are.

That is a happy realization.

Joe Bar said...

There are a few good shows. Louie and Wilfred have been mentioned. +1 on the Rockford Files.