Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Who Wants to Hire Chee Xiong

"I will say, no he will not be able to tap into the exact same energy that was 2008. That's a whole different story. I don't think that would be fair to compare at all," said senior Chee Xiong, 22, a communications major who voted for Obama in 2008 and plans to volunteer with the campus Students for Obama chapter this election.

What does get students excited, he said, are policies that expand Pell grants and allow them to stay on their parents' health insurance policies for years after they graduate.

Let's hear it for Chee Xiong ladies and gentlemen.  Yes, whose life long dream and life time aspirations are perpetual education with no end and living in his parents' basement till he's 47.  No, no reason to ACHIEVE anything.  Just loaf around the U of MN campus studying "communications" and equally worthless crap.

To para-quote Joe Soucheray,

"You have a pathetic life if those are your goals."

Keep going Chee!  You're an inspiration to us all.


lelnet said...

Wouldn't be such a source of motivation and "excitement" if their bloody hero hadn't broken the country!

Derrick said...

This must all come out of those magic bernankebux GBFM is talking about all the time.

Wow, gotta love how we're not just driving towards the cliff, we're doing so in a rocket car.

With Romney saying that he'll "keep the best parts of Obamacare", that's it. Neither party can even pretend to have the best interests of this country in mind anymore.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, Chee Xiong may be a hero. After all, you're not likely to see Mr. Xiong slaving away on 75-hour weeks for Fortune 500 Corporate America. He'll go off and become a waiter or bartender or some such thing, and his low income will add little to our country's GDP. This crappy country sinks a little further down the tubes, Mr. Xiong ends up a debt slave, and we get comedy material. Everybody wins except America and Mr. Xiong.

Anonymous said...

Chee? More like Che. ;)

bigmo said...

As a father with an 18 year old that is not in school I was shocked to find out that it is less expensive (by about $200 per month) to have a separate health insurance policy for my daughter than to cover her through my work policy where I have to pay for dependent coverage. The mandate to cover children until age 26 is a farce.