Monday, September 03, 2012

Crusaderism Mom...Absentee Father

I didn't read the whole thing, but I'm going to guess the father could not be reached for comment.

Am I right?


Anonymous said...

Moar for the liberals who live in lala land. Clueless dolts don't realize that they aren't going to get out unscathed. They can be self loathing pieces of white crap who submit to the liberal religion of apologizing or blame or whatever but they just don't get it. While they point fingers at others, namely other whites, they are also inadvertently doing the same to themselves. Ideology means nothing to a person who has been told since day 1 that whites are the cause of his/her lot in life.

Anonymous said...

Why would the father have a comment? He's an alpha male and is too busy working on his game to talk right now.

Orian said...

No mention of the father. Based on the different last names, I would guess the parents are divorced. Also, how do you think things would have turned out differently for Caleb had his parents not been a crusader and an absentee?

Anonymous said...

Busing bad

Elusive Wapiti said...

Hmm. Read through the article. "Somehow" no mention of dad.

But the braying of the attacker is instructive:

"lmao dat lil (expletive) dat wassnt nun i hit him three times nun major yaa-noo'."

I bet the mom is second-guessing her fight to make school buses "free".

Last, the school district spokesman had a very perceptive thing to say wrt bussing and (my opinion) public schooling in general:

""It's a typical kid thing [to get in school bus altercations]," LaRocco said. "That's the nature of kids being together in a confined area.""

No kidding.

Eoin MacAodh said...

No one's father is mentioned at any point - the bully's or the victim's. Likely the victim has one to support the crusaderist mother, but he's unimportant to the narrative.

Pirran said...

Bit OT this, but I wondered if you'd seen Dr. Barbara Bellar (Illinois State Senate Candidate) sum up Obamacare in one sentence and less than 2 wonderful minutes?

Recession Medicine, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong

SDH said...

No mention of the Dad at all.

Anonymous said...

On the gold/silver bubble:

You see, the yen is perhaps the best predictor of where the dollar is going, seeing the national debt of Japan and the printing involved in financing it.

It's a bubble, definitely. But not that big of a bubble.

Andrew said...

Anonymous 7:39

Dude, white people are to blame.
Feminism, Progressivism and Marxism are the white man's worst crimes against non-whites.