Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Dead Bat in Paraguay

Book review time kids!

You can find the book here.


Infantry said...

Re: Logistics of spending time with girls who live with their parents. Research 'Telos' or Love hotels.

Commonly used not just by kids, but for married couples getting away from the house where they might live with 2 other generations.

Marcos said...

One thing we must consider when analyzing this book: Roosh was completely crazy and bold. I mean, he wanted to do everything in probably a third of the time that it should be done.

He makes a lot of mistakes and makes stupid decisions all the time. Just ask any person living here. But he is so horny that he keeps going like the Duracell rabbit.

45 hours to cover 600 km ? Please ! People get a cheap airfare in the internet and go. Parasites and stomach flu ? Eat in a pay-by-weight cheap restaurant. Clean and tasty. Bed bugs ? I haven't even seen a bedbug in my entire life.

In South America one has to know people. And I mean, not for a long time, because people are very open here. Just ask, and they will help you not to do stupid things. For goodness sake, Roosh gets a flat by the favela in Rio ! This would be akin to get a flat in Harlem or the Bronx and complain later about New York. I seriously doubt the level of quality of the girls he got here. He got sluts. This is the one of the worst problems with international players, they lack the familiarity with the country to just understand that the girl is a pothead that wouldn't be considered by any Brazilian guy of Roosh's level. It is basically a matter of which side of the mirror you are in: if you are a foreigner, it may sound exciting, if you are a Brazilian, it sounds stupid. Guys who marry foreign girls without first living at least five years in the country must be crazy.

Of course, Roosh doesn't want to marry anyone, so I guess it is OK. The book is funny, but don't take it as the Bible on South America. And Captain, please come visit Brazil, you won't get diarrhea and bedbugs at all. Just don't stay in the favela.

Will Brown said...

Echoing Marcos above, you shouldn't let Roosh's error-laden experience do any more than guide your own preparations.

Worried about parasites in the water? Drop a couple bills at Amazon and pick up a handful of these before you toddle off. Follow the basic rules of drinking in third-world countries; never drink anything with ice in it and never drink anything that isn't boiled, brewed or distilled during preparation - preferably while in your presence or at least out of a container you cleaned yourself. Wash yourself (and your eating/drinking utensils) regularly; clothing you can often get away with a good rinsing and sun-and-air drying, but yourself, not so much. Not for odor control, but infection avoidance.

Learn the basics of the spoken local language before you go; try Pimsleur for a start. They offer Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese both which ought to give you the basics for all of the Americas (well, except for Quebec and, really, you being in Minnesota gets you an ample supply of supercilious arrogance already, no?). Along this line of thought, consider stopping shaving and finding clean-looking local barbershops along the way. Generally knowledgeable local data sources as well as possible introductions to local adventures of the more amorous nature (not to mention decent eating establishments and local trouble spots to be avoided) ought to feature as regular events in your itinerary. Even if only to get a hair wash and beard trim (Dog Johnson made the look work on Miami Vice back in the 80's), a barber is always a good starting place to learn your way around a new place - and may well know a colleague in the next stopping point too.

Remember, it's all in how you prepare yourself to look at it, and "adventure" is somebody else in deep shit a long way away from you! You want to acquire novel experience :); making ready to do so is all part of the process, so don't let others experience deter you from getting your own.

beta_plus said...

I'm betting right now Roosh tweets your "Anakin Skywalker turning to Darth Vader" line.

Infantry said...

As someone that spent 1/2 a year travelling through South America I'd like to echo Will's comment here Cap.

Do your research independently on travelling through S.A. before you make a decision not to go. I know you respect Roosh as a traveller (I certainly do), but this was his first trip. In the book he himself admits it was poorly planned.

I had my ups and downs on my trip there, but it was one of the most awesome in my life. No regrets.

...and that's before I remember the women.

Carlito said...

Yes it was poor planned, but remember that Roosh needed to save as much money as he could in order to stay a very long time.

About the water, I think americans and most european people are so used to pristine desinfected water that they lost their capacity to fight a minor contamination but there are several places where drinking water from the supply are harmless (big cities) and where even I wouldn't dare to drink (Bolivia).

You have also a friend here in Bogotá if you come to Colombia. btw, I've traveled to Ushuaia, at the very end of the continent, it's a great travel I recommend you to make.