Friday, January 11, 2013

The Exciting Adventures of "Bio-Dad!"

Children, women--and men--all benefit when dads keep their daughters off the pole and sons out of the gang.

 Outstanding. I also like how Elusive coined the term "Bio-Dad."

"What's that!?

Is it a bird?

Is it a plane!?

No!  It's BIO-DAD!

Keeps families together and intact!

Helps children with their homework!

Able to support families on a single income!"

I wonder who "Bio-Dad's" Lex Luther would be?


Don't Work In Houston said...

"But all this assumes that the father is a patriarch."

Everyone knows that you must possess a given amount of Alpha awareness (or natural Alpha attitude) to become a legitimate Patriarch.

Now imagine how many people are willing to do what it takes to put together a family like that and balance the responsibility. Yeah, you reap some rewards - but that doesn't come without a hefty price.

Plenty of Alphas are content to pump and dump till they die. It's only a minority that ever evolve into true patriarchs.

Anonymous said...

Hugo Schwyzer, probably.

Or some big-name divorce lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Baron von Hypergamy?

samseau said...

Opposite of bio-dad: Barren-feminist

beta_plus said...

My first guess is that his Lex Luthor is "It Takes a Village" Hillary Clinton.

But why stop with Lex? Let's give Bio-Dad a full Rogues Gallery worthy of even Batman (The Dark Knight's Rogues Gallery is generally considered to be the best in comics).

The Cadster - an aloof PUA who every few issues tries to wreck his marriage with game or turn his daughter into a slut.

The White Knight - who Bio-Dad battles against justifying bad feminist behavior.

The Joker could just be Russell Brand.

It could give a whole new meaning to the Alpha Cock Carousel - it would be like the Legion of Doom.

Ecclesiastes said...


This the role and fate of the "White Knight" Beta who isn't out scoring errant married poon.

Alphas scurried away from my daughters at the sound of my footfall like the cockroaches they were. Alpha weasel, don't even pretend you could be other than what you are, the man going his own way, faithful to none but himself.