Thursday, January 24, 2013


Warning - this topic is an uncomfortable one, so if you are of soft skin I suggest not reading.

At the Canadian Blogger Conference/Drinkfest my colleagues told me about a woman who was raped in Haiti, but blamed her rape on "white patriarchy."  I found it impossible to believe and incredulous.  A woman, no matter how warped her political beliefs, would not forgive the ultimate crime against a woman (rape).

We couldn't find the article and they were adamant it did happen, but after another 4 hours of drinking the conversation left my mind.

Until Aurini found it and e-mailed it to me.

I know this happened 3 years ago and many people have probably already read it.  However, since it has been whitewashed from the internet, not nearly enough people know about this.  Furthermore, it is important to bring up again, because it highlights just what a threat socialism, leftism and liberal is not just to the individual, but society.

First, let me state that leftism IS a mental disorder, cognitive dissonance being the slightest of the symptoms.  For a brain to ignore reality and create rationalization and excuses so it can hold onto its flawed political ideology parallel to reality is dysfunctional.  But if it gets to the point a person puts their political ideology ahead of their own personal sovereignty and well-being, then that is full out psychotic.  Sadly, however, you see this happening all the time.  Ignorant youth voting for "Obama" only to have him further endebt them.  Women disproportionately voting for socialism even though it ruins their lives, etc.  But to get to the point you are sexually violated and STILL stand up for your ideology (in this case, a sexist "anti-white" "anti-male" incredibly extreme version of leftism), leaves me speechless and is only more proof such ideological zealotry is not only psychotic, but self-destructive.

Second, realize why leftists (typically, though not always) tend to be the ones putting their ideology ahead of their own self-interests - they have nothing else to live for.  They have no real value.  If there is a reason to buy "Enjoy the Decline" it is because of the chapter "Revenge" where I go into detail as to just what sad and pathetic lives most liberals and leftists live.  Look at your average leftists.  What defines most of them is their fear of effort, rigor, challenge, and work.  They are lazy.  They don't want to try and they (ironically) spend more calories of energy trying to make things "fair" in life than they would have, had they tried.  Ergo, they major in worthless degrees, pursue easy make-work careers, and really achieve nothing of value in their lives. They are worthless human beings.  But dare anybody hold them up to standards of production and the real world, they vehemently get violent, emotional, and accuse their accusers of false crimes (racism, sexism, bigotry, etc. etc.)

Amanda Kijera (the woman who blames her rape on people like me - white male) fits this bill perfectly, not out of coincidence, but because this is a law.  She is a "civic journalist and activist" (I could not find her biography page).  Not only is she contradictory (journalists should not be activists, they should be unbiased and be part of no activism group), she immediately confesses to the world she doesn't wish to try via her chosen "profession" and goes on some crusade to mask her ineptitude.  But when the reality (in the horrific form of rape) confronts her ideology, she sacrifices herself so that her ideology may remain in tact.

The reason why is deep down inside she knows she, herself, has no value.  And without her ideology she is nothing.  Thus, the disgusting result of tolerating rape and blaming anybody but the rapist.

Third, and worst of all for the rest of us, when the individual is so meaningless, worthless, and pathetic, it bodes ill for the rest of society.  Namely, it allows for a tyrannical state to take over.  For if the individual has no meaning, then it will search for it in some form of a "false god."  Some become "born again Christians," others join cults, but in a democracy well on its way on The Road of Serfdom an ever increasing state is more than happy to provide these weak minds with their false god.  Educational systems are primarily there for indoctrination, making children believe "going green" and "sharing" trump individualism and success.  Colleges and universities are there to provide "adult" minds the reason and rationale for taking other people's money.  And the media and government are only too happy to make people focus on bread and circuses, as they slowly erode the individual behind closed doors.  If there is a threat the Amanda Kijera's of the world pose to liberty and western civilization it is that they are so inferior in terms of accomplishment compared to their liberty-loving counterparts (and they loathe this fact so much), they are committed to the point of being raped to make everybody else equally worthless and miserable as them.  They are so selfish they have no problems torpedoing the world's greatest society to maintain their petty cognitive dissonance. 

In the end the reason you have a disgust in your stomach over a woman who was raped and then essentially blames you for it, isn't because of the false accusation.  It's because of the fear that socialism can be so convincing of weak minds that it turns them into, mindless, selfless, ideological suicide bombers.


Unknown said...

I did read an article about a black woman in Haiti who got raped and blamed it on hundreds of years of past discrimination by whites. Might have been the same woman. Hideous to think there are two women who blames on rapes on some nebulous ideology instead of the rapist.

Anonymous said...

The rape victim is a nut case. So was that ditz in the New York Slimes that figures everyone should be disarmed because she has clinical depression and if she had a gun she would probably do us all a favour and cap herself.

But the vast majority of lefties, Captain...? No. They're not loons. They are either imbeciles, or they are socialist scum riding a gravy train and profitting from it. Neither group can be excused for it either.

Big Bad Jim

Anonymous said...

I rarely disagree with you Captain, but today I must say I would be remiss if I didn't. The idea that the people on the left put their ideology above their self-interest is simply an extension of the self-aggrandizing attitude of "Selflessness" that they are always talking about - and frankly, I'm surprised that you of all people would believe it. If you look at democrat voting blocks, you have welfare recipients who want more money from others, you have public school teachers who want more money for doing less work (while doing a terrible job by any objective standard), you've got college professors that work even less than the public school teachers who make even more money and still they want even more money from other people - both for their growing salaries and their worthless research that nobody cares about (ie The Mating Habits of South American Fruit Flies), you've got small business owners who want tax loopholes, you've got corporations looking for handouts, you've got union members who want more power, you've got all sorts of other special interest groups that want more for themselves at the expense of others, but at no point will you find a group - small or large - that consists of people voting against their self-interest because they care about others. Make no mistake about it, they NEVER put their ideology above their own self-interest. They may believe that they are only voting that way to "help others" and they rarely see the long term consequences of their actions, but for all intents and purposes they definitely aren't putting their ideology above their self-interests.

Anonymous said...

To quote her:

"I'm grateful for the experience."

Grateful... for being RAPED...


That's not just self-delusion, that's biohazard-strength self-delusion.

Unknown said...

Sad, but highly true. Crusaderism needs to be stamped out for good and governments love to perpetuate and encourage it.

I looked up Thom Hartmann's background and behold!

Hartmann was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the son of a staunch conservative Republican, atheist father and a Christian mother, and grew up in nearby Lansing, Michigan. His paternal grandparents were from Norway. Interested in politics from a young age, he campaigned for Barry Goldwater during the 1964 presidential election when he was 13. Although a gifted student, Hartmann was expelled from high school during tenth grade and later earned a GED.

Hartmann enrolled at Lansing Community College and transferred to Michigan State University, majoring in electrical engineering. In 1968, Hartmann opened his first business, a repair shop named The Electronics Joint located next to Michigan State University and became a part-time disc jockey at local country music station WITL. With Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Hartmann protested against the Vietnam War."

He apparently got three more degrees in herbology and homeopathic medicine, so it seems like he's actually done and studied certain things of merit before becoming a talk show host. Exceptions to the rule do exist! Sort of reminds me of Michael Savage, except that he seemed to start out as an Allen Ginsberg befirending liberal and then shifted towards conservatism much later on.

I haven't listened to him, but based on what I could find, he sounds like a much better liberal host than most of the other ones I know about and look at this.

Many guests appear on the show purporting points of view on diverse social and political topics. Some guests proffer progressive views similar to Hartmann's, but more than half are conservatives, libertarians, or Ayn Rand Institute members who espouse opposing views. A vigorous debate with the host usually ensues. There are four regular guests on the program, and they are sympathetic to Hartmann's political views. Sen. Bernie Sanders (Ind.-VT) appears every Friday during the first hour of the show titled "Brunch with Bernie". Ellen Ratner of the Talk Radio News Service provides Washington commentary daily. Victoria Jones who is the White House correspondent for Talk Radio News Service appears occasionally as does Dr. Ravi Batra an economics professor at SMU.

The guy doesn't even consider himself a progressive or a liberal, but a radical middle guy. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

"The reason why is deep down inside she knows she, herself, has no value. And without her ideology she has nothing."

Couldn't be better stated than the above sentences. Great breakdown, Captain.

‘Reality’ Doug said...

Nailed it. Worthless people is right.

Anonymous said...

it's benevolent racism for her to blame someone other than her rapist....

well, now that womyn are allowed into combat roles, benevolent sexism has been ended-time for equality, let's end selective service...

rape culture is stupid, blame rapist's not shy guys by calling them Nice Guys (tm)

It's not my job to protect a trashy womyn who wouldn't give me the time of day but expects me to jump to her safety when she gets drunk and goes to the worst parts of town at 3 am...

Anonymous said...

Wow. I read an book called The Tyranny of Guilt: An Essay on Western Masochism by Pascal Bruckner that ties in really well with this post. It details the corrosive nature of White Man's guilt on our society. For a book by a French man, it is surprisingly anti-Marxist/Leftist. I highly recommend it, Cappy.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see a police report? What about something from the hospital? Any verification that the incident actually happened?

Merlin said...

And did you notice her solution:

"The United Nations, western women's organizations and the Haitian government must immediately provide women in Haiti with the funding that they need" {give us money}
"Provide both women and men with job training programs" {give us money}
"creation of a safe space for women" {give us money}
"creating programming for Haitian men" {give us money}

How about we try something different this time. Anything different.

Erasmus said...

"But if it gets to the point a person puts their political ideology ahead of their own personal sovereignty and well-being, then that is full out psychotic."

I'd be fine with having these nutcases around if that is as far as they went. What they do is they put their political ideology ahead of everyone else's sovereignty and well-being.

The former is merely deranged, the latter -- full on psychotic.

Anonymous said...

A cunning stunt of ideological idiocy.

Mark Matis said...

I initially transposed some letters in your post, Anonymous at 9:46 AM, and it made even more sense.

sth_txs said...

That article a is a year or two old at least. Vox Day and other bloggers covered it. For me, someone that stupid does not have sympathies.

I do think some people who hold liberal views do so because they know deep down they are greedy, selfish, uncaring and subscribe to the 'religion' of liberalism to compensate.

MonkeyLeader said...

The worst part about this liberal wretch?

She procreated and her offspring has the same mental disorder.

MonkeyLeader said...

The worst part about this disgusting excuse for a human being... she procreated and her offspring shares the same mental disorder she has.

Don't Work In Hati, Apparently said...

"journalists should not be activists, they should be unbiased and be part of no activism group"

Journalism has been dead for almost 20 years. This belief is gone with the wind, no matter how accurate it may be. People with money have decided that all news desks will now be spin factories - because it is more profitable than simply relaying facts to people.

"The reason why is deep down inside she knows she, herself, has no value"

Not trying to defend this chick, but a statement like this immediately begs the question regarding "Value" and how one assigns it.

I can give you a short list of essential professions and skills that would probably have intrinsic "value" to simply staying alive. Besides that, everything else would only add to the quality of life, NOT sustain it. Therefore, are these skills / professions "worthless?"

Protip: This list would also include plenty of technical fields like telecom, aeronautics, and geology. We got along fine for thousands of years without phones, planes, or oil. So are these "non-essential" professions worthless?

Again, not trying to defend the scum in the story, just trying to show you that "Value" is relative.

steve said...

I can't buy your book in Canada! (

Pat Sullivan said...

These people always believe; if just more aid money arrived, everything would be fixed. It is just like Merlin at 8:59 pointed out. Oh the UN can fix everything, if only they had more money.

Well honey there is a reason, that over a trillion dollars in post WWII aid money has not helped Africa. Most Third World backwaters including Haiti, have no rule of law. Not only are there no private property laws, but criminal law is also a joke. Looks like she found that out, the hard way.

The Third World has no hope of developing, until the rule of law is established. Some things you have to do yourself. White people can not be blamed, for a lawless state in Haiti.

Hopefully some day in the future, these places will get their act together. But in the meantime, most aid dollars will end up in a Swiss Bank account.

MarkP said...

This story may be a couple years old but its message is timeless.

Leftist ideology is based on collectivism and the absolute crushing of individualism. It makes perfect sense that Ms. Kijera promotes the health and welfare of the collective over personal health and safety. You are correct; her value lies in the collective; she recognizes she's just another brick in the wall.

It also reminds me of stories of female 'activists' who are regularly raped in Gaza by Islamic 'militants' and are encouraged by fellow leftist females not to say anything lest it diminish the cause.

Nothing says you're a pawn like getting raped and then agreeing to cover it up.

Anonymous said...

This was Eric Hoffer's contention in "The True Believer"

kurt9 said...


Your's is a very "Randian" analysis of Amanda Kiera. I have not thought about leftist types in this way for a very long time. However, I think your analysis of her is correct and I think it is the reason why these people cling so desperately to their ideology.

CatMan said...

Being a 52 yr old married white female this article reminded me of my first philosophical debate with my husband about Atlas Shrugged....Rand is very anti-female wherein males have the most human value to be dishonest anit-intellectual tripe...blows my freaking mind every time I see/hear this topic please.....

Practice! Practice! Practice! said...

"Educational systems are primarily there for indoctrination, making children believe "going green" and "sharing" trump individualism and success."

Binary thinking. Its not "either/or". I myself am successful individual who shares and sometimes manages to "go green" to the extent that I can in any given situation.

Plus, schools are not really teaching "going green". The amount of waste in the US public and private school systems is atrocious. I know because I volunteer at them sometimes and see first hand what they are being taught.

As far as "sharing", spoiled bratty American kids especially need to be taught the value of it. That in no way impeded individualism or success, in fact it aids both of those.

Practice! Practice! Practice! said...

"At the Canadian Blogger Conference/Drinkfest my colleagues told me about a woman who was raped in Haiti, but blamed her rape on "white patriarchy." "

That's a bizarre twist. I'll have to google this lady and find out her thought process that led her to this ridiculous conclusion.