Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Not Men's Fault

I find this interesting.

Forget the implied criticism or questioning of "too skinny" or anorexic models, I have a simpler point to make:

This isn't men's fault.

No man (of sane quality) has ever said,

"Yes, I want that anorexic chick who is about to die of malnutrition."

Not one man.

But there is some force driving it.  Some force that drives these models to get so skinny it's unhealthy and unattractive.  And some force that CERTAINLY is not the "evil patriarchy."

Obviously men are not in charge of the fashion industry, let alone the cutting edge of it.  And if there are any men in charge or in positions of power, they aren't straight, and are therefore not interested in women.

No, there's something much more nefarious going on here.  Bitter middle aged women who don't like adequately weighted girls.  Gay men who view these models as vehicles or canvasses to display their art work and think nothing more than them.  These are not accusations mind, you, just speculation.  All I know is no man wants a 6'1" 110 lbs woman.  Not one (who once again can be considered "sane").  So who is pushing it?

It certainly isn't us, so don't level your accusations of unrealistic physical demands of female beauty on us.  It's somebody else.  Who?


The Great and Powerful Oz said...

But we are male so all the evils of the world are our fault. Didn't you get the memo?

None of the liberals seem to get the concept that these models are being used to sell stuff to women, so if anyone is to blame it's the female consumers...

Unknown said...


You awful Patriarchs don't like fat chicks, and we have to compeeeete with each other for your resources! We're victiiiiims!

beta_plus said...

It's gay fashion designers. They don't want women. They want boyish looking men.

Anonymous said...

I remember hearing an explanation for skinny models that appears to make sense - and its about economics.

Designers design their collection, then make it using as little material as possible because material costs money. They then call a modelling agency to hire some models. Model can't fit into the outfit because she is too big? She is useless, send her back to the agency. The outfit is a bit to big on the model? No problem a nip here a tuck there, we're good to go. No model wants to get fired because the clothes don't fit her. The only way to ensure that doesn't happen is to be minus size zero.

This seems to be a logical explanation. That and the fact that most designers are gay and have a preference for young boys, so they hire models who are built like young boys. - minuteman

Anonymous said...

I suspect it's a mental disorder, an exaggerated one at that. If the media's portrayal of women were so powerful and persuasive, we wouldn't be seeing such a prevalence of fat people everywhere.

Zampano said...

Male models who are in good shape are told they need to lose weight to model as well. There are a lot of ridiculously skinny guys that worked to be that skinny so they could be models. Funny that the only time they mention it is in regard to female models - so they can blame it on heterosexual men.

daniel_ream said...

Ann Coulter's explanation is that the fashion industry is run by gay men, and what gay men want is teenage boys. They can't have them, so they get models who look like teenage boys.

Dave said...

An anorexic wife is like a Rolls Royce Phantom -- ugly as s**t but it says you have money. The owner of a company I worked for and the son of my mother's best friend were both rich and married to anorexic women. So was Tony Montana in Scarface.

An anorexic wife is the perfect status symbol because she accompanies you to parties, she can wear the latest fashions, her condition is extremely rare, and it can't be faked.

You DON'T want to see an anorexic naked, but with malnutrition killing her sex drive, you seldom have to. A rich man has plenty of other ways to satisfy his sexual appetites.

Craig R. Meyer said...

Note that models in fashion magazines (female audience) tend to be much thinner than the women in pornography (male audience).

Anonymous said...

No man (of sane quality) has ever said,

"Yes, I want that anorexic chick who is about to die of malnutrition."

Not one man.

Of course they have. Those men are GAY though. The fashion industry is controlled by ass-bandits who want women to look like boys.

Unknown said...

Al Gore fail.,0,4488243.story

Time Warner dropped Current TV as a result of this. Progressives are idiots and it proves your observations correct about why Air America went bankrupt. I wonder how CNN and MSNBC are still able to thrive. Maybe they have much bigger companies backing them like Time Warner and they occasionally seem to have conservative voices on their channels.

Interesting thoughts about these super skinny models. As I guy, not only do I hate obvious, unnatural breast implants, but I hate the appearance of super anorexic girls. It's sickening to me.

AnObserver said...

Just as in the art world, the Marxists/Communists want to destroy beauty. This is why paint splatters and "modernistic" unidentifiable shapes are called "beautiful" or "inspired". I have never thought the stick figure models beautiful.

Dystopia Max said...

Obviously Meryl Streep.

PeppermintPanda said...

I have noticed a pattern for both men and women. While each sex (on average) tends to favour partners who are close to their ideal weight and body composition from a health perspective; and both sexes tend to think that the ideal physique for their own gender is a gross exaggeration of their form.

I don't know what the root of this insecurity is, but I see how it is exploited in marketing (especially for movies) ...

With romantic movies that are heavily marketed towards women you generally have a leading man who has a physique that is healthy but is rarely "extreme"; if it is a romantic comedy you generally have a leading woman who is very "average" (by movie standards), but if it is a pure romantic comedy they bring out an extremely feminine woman (who few guys are really attracted to).

In contrast, action movies (which are generally marketed towards men) tend to have leading men with hyper-masculine physiques that most women do not find overly attractive.

Anonymous said...

Hey captain, if you want to know why there are so many anorexic women in the fashion industry then you should take a look at this website, This website should explain why the women working in the fashion industry are dangerously thin.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say I never bought the idea that gay fashion designers want women who look like teenage boys.

The kind of gay men that get into fashion have a history of liking a more voluptuous look (just not to sleep with). How many drag queens look like fashion models?

I think anony 4.23 has a point that the clothes are made in ridiculously small sizes (false economy) and models are expected to fit the clothes and not vice versa.

I also think that PeppermintPanda has an excellent point that women drastically overestimate both how thin men want women to be and how thin other women should be and that's the critical. Steve Sailer once wrote that female dreams of weightlessness drive the look of fashion models.

What I notice in the last several years are models that not only have jagged unpleasant bodies but unpleasant faces as well (pinched and some that look like some syndrome you can't quite name).
I think the main cause is that a nice face draws attention to itself (a sour badly proportioned face keeps attention on the clothes)

Finally, yeah there are men who are into the bony look. First, there's the fact that there are some freaks into any weird thing you can imagine.

Also, as Dave said an expensive looking companion with an eating disorder is a kind of conspicuous consumption (look! I can afford to support this useless, high maintenance and very expensive luxury object!).

razorbacker said...

What's the problem? It's women and womenish men selling overpriced stuff to women afraid to wander from the herd. It's not like it matters to anyone who matters, and every moment it keeps them yammering on about nothing is a moment that they're not trying to screw up anything important.

It's like putting twirly mobiles over a baby's crib, just something to keep undeveloped minds occupied.

The Conservative Sociologist said...

It took me awhile to grasp this concept, to be honest. I had a few conversations over the past 5 years with my boyfriend about it and he kept trying to tell me exactly what you wrote.

Another thing I've noticed is when actresses (think Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie,etc.)get really famous, they also start to become more "modelesque": painfully thin and often accompanied by lots of plastic surgery. I've seen lots of these women pretty much ruin their God-given looks at the hands of the industry. It's kind of interesting...but sad.

Anonymous said...

It's the designers. Many are gay men, but even the women and straight men consider the models to be mere display racks for their art. A successful model should not distract from the clothing with her body.

Jane the Grad Student said...

I heard it was a "cart before the horse" sort of thing. A hundred years ago, "fashionable" clothes were made to flatter women's bodies (seriously, go look at the costumes from Titanic). Somewhere along the way, the focus changed from "I want to design clothes to flatter the body" to "I want to find a body that flatters my clothes." Hence, coat hangers on legs. This possibly goes hand-in-hand with the false economy issue/ amount of fabric used. to the radio said...

It's forgotten that bulimia also accompanies anorexia.
If you ever find out the woman you are seeing has both, RUN.
You can't fix her.

Jack Amok said...

Good grief, it's not because designers are trying to save money by skimping on the material. Sheesh, for one thing, the labor cost far outweighs the material cost, and the difference between enough fabric to cover 36 inch hips and the material needed to cover 32 inch hips is not going to break the fahion house.

And if you're still going to argue they're saving money on material, then why are models 6'2 instead of 4'11?

No, the real reason is a combination of things other's have already said: gay men, bitter crones, and "artistes" who are more interested in making statements than in clothing women.

There are a couple of other reasons too. One is jealousy. Remember ladies, never take fashion advice from another woman because she will - consciously or otherwise - sabotage you so she looks better in comparison. Gay men have the same jealousy issue.

The other reason is slighly practical. The old saying about the camera adding 10 pounds is true. People tend to look fatter in pictures or on film than in real life. So a model has to be slightly underweight in order to look right. But of course the envelope gets pushed, and instead of just enough to compenstate for the camera, we get anorexia.

Final thought - people, especially women, tend to put on weight as they age, so thin implies younger, but again, the industry runs off the rails with it.