Thursday, January 10, 2013

And Roosh Comes in and He Changes the Tempo

Oh come on, Roosh.  it ain't that bad.  Good writers will rise to the top, bad ones will sink.  It's the free market.  Here's a little song dedicate to Roosh.

Why are you bringing us down, Roosh?

On a completely unrelated note, an interesting pictograph.


Anonymous said...

He has a good point though, if 100,000's of books are being published a month, and they never go away ( out of print) we're going to need a very good filtering /searching system, otherwise the "needle in a haystack" problems comes into play.

It's kind of like reading Amazon review, or google results, you have to make shrewd guesses as to what is a real result, what is faked/bought result, etc... ,if the reviewers are idiots or have axes to grind, or are genuine but aren't the sort of people that would like the sort of book I like...

I think for book that's going to get harder and harder. I mean seriously, I'm a heavy reader and it's not easy now, finding outstanding books that are fun/educational/whatever turns me on, rather than books that are out, standing there neither good nor bad, just ok.

Unknown said...

Speaking of women.

What did I learn in journalism school? Here's the answer according to progressive lefty Ana Kasparian.

"I thought employers were gonna look at that and be like, you know what, nailed it, we're gonna give her a job. Anyways, it's hilarious. When you're in college, you think you know everything, right, and that's not to say that all college students were the same way, but I remember being a college student who thought she knew everything, and then you become humbled as you become older and realize, geez, I know nothing."

I'll let this speak for itself, Captain. Avoid journalism school at all costs if you don't want your IQ to drop.

Don't Work In Atlanta said...

The Blog / E-Book money machine is working as intended. Roosh is merely feeling the effects of a growing market that will be more concentrated on a smaller number of bloggers.

Roosh neglects the concept of word of mouth or social media working on a large scale, even though he notes that he himself values word of mouth when getting advice on whether or not to buy a book. E-Books can go viral just like anything else online. Does this happen to a fraction of a percent of the E-Books published each year? Absolutely. However, it doesn't discount the fact that the market picks its own winners and losers, no matter how "good" Roosh might think he is compared to his peers.

Is it harder to make money selling E-Books now than it was several years ago? Yes.

Has the formula changed? Not at all.

1. Get an audience
2. Keep the audience
3. Convince them to give you their money

Lots of ways to do all 3 of those provided you structure your work in such a way that people will always need to (or will at least be convinced they need to) listen to you.

"Therefore a wise prince will seek means by which his subjects will always and in every possible condition of things have need of his government, and then they will always be faithful to him." - The Prince

Anonymous said...

If Roosh had a decent product, he wouldn't be worried.