Sunday, January 13, 2013

The League of Unemployable Bloggers

Off the top of my head (and my apologies if I failed to mention you) here are some of the more notable bloggers I've ran into/befriended in my "blogging career."

Kate at SDA
Roosh at
Aurini at
Matt Forney

There are certainly more, but let's just take a look at these immediate handful.

The first thing you're going to notice about all of them is that they are eccentric and eclectic.  Not one of them are "normal" or could be considered to be normal.
  • Kate is a motorcycle mechanic, champion dog breeder, and runs (from what I can tell) the 3rd largest Canadian blog..
  • Aurini is ex-military and an author.
  • Matt Forney is the only crazy SOB I know to decide to hitch hike across America as winter approaches.
  • Roosh is the only guy I know who can write off his traveling expenses and hotels as he travels the world and writes pick up guides for every country on the planet.
  • Not to throw me in there, but I don't know any other fossil hunting, motorcycle riding, salsa dancing, tornado chasing economists.
  • And heck, most of us are authors too.
Yes a motley crew of bloggers are we, and no other group would rival us in terms of a drinking party, but there is one other thing that separates us from most other bloggers - we use our real names.

Sometimes this was done on purpose, sometimes this was done by accident, but for whatever reason our real names and faces are out there.

There are pro's and con's to being known.  For example it forces you to do your own thing, rely upon yourself and commits you to a level of self-reliance most people never have to face.  It also allows you perfect freedom.  You don't have to care what anybody else thinks, and thusly you are truly able to speak and think clearly (which results in a much more intellectual and thought-pioneering life).  It also grants you a microscopic bit of celebrityship.  But there are drawbacks as well.  People libeling you, people making youtube videos of you and other things that are par for the course in very-low-level celebrityhood.  But if there is on major drawback, especially given most of us are on the younger side of 40, it's that we are completely, hopelessly, and thoroughly 100% unemployable.

Of course, for most of us it didn't require we have an edgy blog or a politically incorrect internet presence.  Our personalities are pretty much mutually exclusive to any kind of corporate career or employment, but again, for anybody on the younger side of 40, not to have SOME measure of employment, at least in the beginning, is difficult and often impairing.

Are there instances where we find a gig or a contract here or there?  Sure.

Are there instances where the HR lady doesn't google us or the hiring manager just plain doesn't care?  Of course.

But the idea of a 9-5 job, with reliable income, job security, progressive responsibilities, 401k's/RRSP's, a pension, and some kind of "promising career" is laughable, and any kind of "normal family life" is a pipedream.  We just do not have the personalities and the politically approved political positions on our blogs and sites to get hired.

Making matters worse is that since we do cause waves, we are the target of malicious and just plain evil leftists who resort to frivolous law suits to inhibit our freedom of speech.  This is more of an issue in Canada than in the US but SDA, Kathy Shaidle, Blazing Cat Fur, myself, Ezra Levant, and a score of bloggers dealing with Brett Kimberline, all have had to deal with leftist nutjobs abusing the legal system.

So the question is, why do it?  Why put yourself through all this pain and no reward?

I can't speak precisely for everybody else, but I surmise we'd all agree it's for several reasons.

One, we just can't help ourselves.  Usually a blogger takes to the internet to fight off a threat or an injustice that traditional forms of media just refuse to identify, point out, warn people about, or worse (and as is usually the case) join forces with those threats and injustices.  This could be anything from the slow eroding by the left against Western culture and capitalism (SDA, Blazing Cat Fur, etc.) or the feminist onslaught against men (Roosh, Aurini, Forney, etc.).  Not only do we see the threat and the damage it can/has already caused, we want to have a future not just for ourselves (besides, evil just really puts burs in our saddles).

Two, our brains cannot handle corporate employment.  Sure, maybe in the 1940's and 1950's when corporate employment resembled some level of a meritocracy, providing not just income, but opportunity to realize our full potential, sure, we may have become "corporate men."  But the people that form corporations are from the exact same decaying stock of people the government pulls their employees from.  They are leaderless, timid, fearful, compliant and dare not be brash, audacious or aim for excellence.  Ass kissing has replaced ass-kicking, and that is no environment for any real man or real woman to waste 1/3 of their waking lives in (besides, given how reliable corporate gigs are, our self-employment may actually prove to be more reliable and certainly more rewarding anyway).

Third, we're good at it.  It takes a while for people to find their calling or what they're good at AND what they might even get paid for.  Nobody grows up thinking they're going to become bloggers or media personalities, you just fall into it.  YOu wake up one day and you got 5,000 followers all because you had the cajones to speak your mind when everybody else was afraid to.  You realize you have more pull and legitimacy than idiotic "journalism majors," because where journalism majors fail, you succeed in pointing out the truth, taking on corrupt interests and can legitimately claim to be the defacto 4th branch of government.

Fourth, sanity.  I don't care how much I suffer from worries about money, unemployment, or my freedoms being infringed.  That pain is nothing compared with the alternative.  I don't know how you people do it.  Having to purposely dispose of your mind 10 hours a day at a dead end job?  Suffering the inane political correctnesses you have to OBEY otherwise your HR rep might get pissed?  Making sure you're flawless in every way possible, walking on eggshells your entire life, constantly trying to make sure you don't goof up even in the slightest in fear it would ruin your miserable career. Or worse, how your mind can exist in such a system without speaking out or full out revolting.  You need diversity training, sensitivity training, sexual harassment training, better watch what you say, don't be active politically, the social, career, and financial consequences are too great.  Guard your thoughts, regulate your thinking, limit your brain and dare not opine.  You got that mortgage, the car payment, and the students loans.  Obey little boy, obey.

Fuck that.  I'll gladly collect a welfare check before I ever sell my mind and intellect.

So that's why we're here.  And that's why we're staying.  In part because we can't go anywhere else, in part because no one would have us anyway, and in part because we'd rather be nowhere else.  The battle for genuine freedom is here and while most people have better reputations than us and can't afford to loud mouth like we do, we can do it for you.

There is just one simple thing we ask, though.

If you look at "The League of Unemployable Bloggers" you'll note we don't just sit there with our hands out.  Sure everybody has the obligatory "donate sign" (though mine is much sexier), but we derive the majority of our revenues from producing things of value.  A lot of us write books and they're damn good books.  A lot of us offer services (accounting, consulting, art, etc.).  Many of us do the "Amazon Affiliate Thing" (where all you have to do is click on the link, do your shopping FOR STUFF YOU HAVE TO BUY ANYWAY, and we get a commish), and finally as we grow in size we offer a medium by which you can advertise.  It is not a charity, we do not expect donations, we produce things of value, all we ask is you consider purchasing our wares, advertising with us, buying through us, or (most importantly) forwarding our links.  If there is something you can do for freedom and liberty that does not require you forfeit a significant percentage of your time, those aforementioned things are it.

Below is the official directory of The League of Unemployable Bloggers (in no particular order).  We appreciate your business.  If you know anybody not on this list AND uses their real name/face, let me know and I'll put them on.

Cappy Cap
Small Dead Animals
Stares at the World
Matt Forney
Blazing Cat Fur
Marty Andrade 
Kathy Shailde
Athol Kay
Glenn Reynolds
And his Wife Dr. Helen
Ed Driscoll 
Gucci Little Piggy
Danny 504
Jack Donovan
Says Uncle
Vox Day
Expat Chronicles
The Spearhead
Steve Sailer
Mangan Stevens
The Private Man
The Thinking Housewife
Frank J at IMAO
Leslie Baby at Temple of Mut
The Heartiste
Gene Expression Razib Khan
Chris Gale at Dark Brightness
Apocalypse Cometh
Susan Walsh
Eivind Berge
Unmasking Feminism
Anthony Johnson of the Dream Lounge
Jim Goad
Larry Auster
Bastion of Liberty
Hunting for Archetypes
Stacy McCain
Paul E Zimmerman
Remy Sheppard
Protein Wisdom
Claire Wolfe
Joel's Gulch
Climate Audit
Silvio Canto
Woman and Dragon


James Wolfe said...

I have entertained the idea of running a blog, about men like me going their own way. I have a name reserved on a blog site and I own a domain pointing to it. But after writing one article and considering several more I abandoned the idea. For several reasons.

First after surviving 6 years of hell my wife put me through, the cheating, lying, hiding things from me, I was bitter. I had things I wanted to say. After the bitterness passed I was more thoughtful, spending many hours a day analyzing my situation and seeing the mistakes that were made, the bad decisions I made, and I wanted to tell people about it. I wanted to offer support and understanding to other guys going through the same thing, and to younger guys to help avoid the same mistakes we made. But then I discovered that there are a lot of really talented bloggers out there who have already said everything I wanted to say, and have described everything that I've already been through.

And now I have moved on, the main reason why I stopped before I really began. I'm not bitter, I don't feel the need to vent or describe what millions of other men already feel. I am at peace with my situation.

Another reason I stopped was practicality. The divorce still isn't final, after two years of endless paperwork. My wife and I have developed a repore. We don't fight over the kids, we're not trying to rake each other over the coals, she has her place, I have mine, she has her stuff, I have mine. To say the things that really needed saying (back then), should it get back to her, would ruin that. And at this point I no longer feel those things so is it worth losing my house? My kids? My peace of mind? Hell no.

I have a job. I go to it every day. Do they own me? Hell no. I like what I do so I stay. Am I interested in moving up the corporate ladder? To be a senior? A team lead? A manager? Hell no! Why would I want to manage other people? That's not what I got my degree in. I write code. I work with new technology. Why would I want to give that up and push paper all day? So I can't use my real name online. I don't post my real feelings on Facebook. I don't friend people that aren't really friends. Who needs the hassle and liability?

I respect all of you guys (and girls) who stick their necks out and say what needs to be said. But as the Chinese say, the nail that stands up gets knocked down. I have no 401k, I have very little retirement other than from a couple places I stayed at long enough to get vested before being laid off, which will probably provide little more than beer money when I "retire".

I live in a very modest house I fixed up into a nice man cave. My kids stay with me most of the time so I'm not alone. So I enjoy the decline. Why let it bother me. I worry about the life my kids are going to have waiting for them. I'll help any way I can. If need be one day I might start a business and just hire family if there's no work out there. If we just manage to break even then that's good enough.

Both of my parents were very conservative fiscally. They had no credit card debt, everything was bought with cash, everything second hand. They scrimped and saved for their retirement and their kids' educations. Then they both died without ever getting to enjoy the fruits of their labor. It taught me an important lesson. To enjoy life now because there may not be a tomorrow. Now that doesn't mean living beyond your means or going crazy acquiring "stuff". Just make enough to get by, enough to cover the necessities and a few fun things along the way, and enjoy life. So why not enjoy the decline?

Anonymous said...


2 r's. Also Raymond.


2 degrees (Celsius or Fahrenheit)

Ian said...

You missed the premier, number one 'unemployable blogger' of them all, Stacy McCain at

Ian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul E. Zimmerman said...

Yeah, I know of one. Me. I've been in and out of activity with my blog but I did something at the end of last summer that has given me the time to engage with it more: I fired my last boss. Remember the community college I was hired to teach philosophy at? That was my last employer. My business got going well enough that I said "Nope! No more bosses! All of 'em, gone! Won't ever have one again!" I work my pest control thing now only about one-quarter to half as hard as I used to do it for someone else and I make more money. Then I plug those surpluses into passive income investments of various kinds, get more free time as work becomes even more optional, rinse, repeat. Come what leftist nonsense may, I'm out to own my time, all of it, and live life on my terms. What I've won so far leaves me open for the finer things: xbox, entropia universe, blogging, the rumpie, scotch, bourbon, cigars, firearms, etc. The icing on the cake is that I'm doing it all with the goal of stopping my productivity almost entirely, having plenty of low and non-taxable income anyway, and rubbing it in the faces of people like that 40 something sheeple you described talking to at a bar the other day. Ultimately I may fail, get killed on the job by a rabid pigeon, etc., but it's damn good living a life oriented toward the goals I have in mind and the values I hold rather than the alternative: toiling away day-to-day hoping that "society" will throw me a bone before I'm too old to enjoy it. Cheers!

Tim said...

Thanks for the link.

I, Tim @ Spootville have used my real name and picture:

Tim said...

Disregard my previous comment. Apparently my reading comprehension missed a bit.

Kirk DeBaun said...

I graduated at the top of my class with a degree in finance in 2007. Bad choice. Turns out, I don't fit in anywhere at all.

So, I recently got "serious" about blogging. I decided that I would avoid the hassle of interviewing for jobs that I probably wouldn't get and not worry about whether some HR bozo was going to google my name. In fact, I put my blog address right on my resume to make it easier for them. I figure that if they don't want to hire me after seeing what I have to say, then I don't want to work for them.

I'm not so sure that I'm any good at blogging; I don't make any money doing it, and I don't get much traffic. I do it, though, because I actually believe that maybe what I have to say will make a difference, while at the same time, acknowledging that I'm really powerless.

So, I nominate me for your list. I'm more than happy to return the favor, although I'll probably get more benefit from the deal than you.

Chris said...

Cappy, I'm employed. In fact, I have tenure, like Ann Althouse.

Cogitans Iuvenis said...

Impressive list, I am going to have to check out a few. Also a hate tip to the bloggers that let their actual identities be known given some of the more 'incendiary' commentary they make. Unfortunately honest intellectual discourse isn't wanted by the left, and society at large, and these individuals really do take a risk exposing themselves.

dannyfrom504 said...

well color me flattered.

i'm not even planning on working when i retire, i'll be homesteading a micro farm on 10 acres in texas.


maybe one day i'll get off my ass a put a book together.

Jack Donovan said...

Yep, given that I think my site is banned by some libraries and schools...I don't think I'll be making it through too many shiny happy HR departments any time soon. I'm generally employed and accepted by people who don't so much.

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a motorcycle mechanic, other than taking them apart to paint them.

Mutnodjmet said...

Thanks for the kind mention -- and the list. I was looking to expand my network. If these are people you like to read, I will be checking them out!

Mutnodjmet said...

PS. Thanks for getting rid of the system that required me to type in all the stupid letters and numbers before letting me post.

Remy Sheppard said...

Used to write the alpha persona, now blogging under my real name over at

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you left out Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom. He's one of the Old Guy bloggers who's been fighting the good fight for a long time and has been ostracized by the elites of both sides for telling it like it is in his own very eloquent fashion.

the Grey Lady said...

You missed Claire Wolfe,

A lovlier and articulate Libertarian (maybe anarchist even) Author,artist would be hard to find.

Also Joel Simon at The ultimate answer to kings. A sour ( I think he is sweet) off the grid old hermit, author repairer of all things mechanical, a mcgyver, a shovel-er of all sorts of feces and a fine read.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cap.

This isn't topical, but Peter Schiff put out a great video on youtube called "Infation Propaganda Exposed" at:

It does a good job showing that the gov't is lying about the true rate of infation and Peter is trying to get this video linked on other websites and blogs. Please check it out.

Anonymous said...

WattsUpWithThat - James Watts
Climate Audit - Steve McIntyre

Bill Powell said...

Thanks for the inclusion on your list Cappy. I'm far from unemployable but I find that being retired at a young age is much more rewarding than having to put up with all the corporate crap.

Student001 said...

Hi there captain.

Long time lurker, first time I've commented.

Really respect your work - you've made a big sacrifice doing it under your real name.

I think you might like this Doug Casey interview, if you have time (it's 50 mins):

Unknown said...

More blogs I need to check out. Sweet, Captain! Many of these I wasn't familiar with. Bookmarking time.

I hope I didn't trouble you with my last email. It was a question that's been bothering me for weeks.

Dreamer said...

Hey Captain, I should mention that I don't know how much it matters that Rollo Tomassi is a pseudonym. I know his real first name (and forgot his last name) though not sure I should say it. He is employed doing something in advertising. Something with promoting alcoholic drinks, conventions, art that he draws, and hot girls while still faithful to his wife.

He is still a family man with a growing daughter and wife. To me that just makes him more enigmatic to understand his message and not misread it.

Don't Work In Atlanta said...

"Fuck that. I'll gladly collect a welfare check before I ever sell my mind and intellect."

Yeah I said the same thing until I found myself making a pittance with a Master's Degree.

Mind and intellect sold. My wallet thanks me, my soul doesn't. OH WELL~

Scott Hinckley said...

This list is missing Jeff Goldstein at People mentioned Stacey McCain and forget Jeff? egads!

Anonymous said...

Video Games said...

I think you should add Henry Makow to the list.He has written a lot on the topic of femminism,taxation and socialism.

Martel said...

@ Scott: Great call on Jeff of Protein Wisdom; I was about to do the same. He's by far the most underappreciated and prolific freedom-loving blogger out there.

The Freed Slave said...

Great post. Thanks Aaron.

Susan Walsh said...

Thanks Captain, I appreciate making the cut. And the link, of course.

The Private Man said...

Don't tell my HR department!

Leap of a Beta said...

I use my real face and have posted my first name a few times on the blog, post the city I live in all the time, and post my work on the blog as well. I haven't put my last name there, but with the info on the blog someone could easily find me.

Really the goal is less about staying anonymous from the blog side, but to minimize employers finding me from a google search with my full name. A small and flimsy one way safety as it were.

Hot Sam said...

Some of us wear the golden handcuffs of oppressive employment. in my case, I made the decision that fighting my battles from the inside, temporarily suppressing my urgent need to speak, and saving time that would otherwise be used for blogging on other priorities was my best option.

I do admire your courage and unwillingness to sell out to the man.As long as I am taking more than they are forcing me to give, I consider what I'm doing to be a drain on their power.

The best blogger I knew was a guy in Britain. when one of his coworkers accidentally figured out he was the blogger, he had to sacrifice his blog for his career, lifestyle, and family. in his situation, he had no absolute freedom of speech.

kudos to you Cappie and the others for standing firm on your convictions.

Jennifer said...

Okay, still slogging away at the job that pays the mortgage, but that's me. My real face and name and all of that.

Anonymous said...

Anyone mention Marko, at his "munchkin wrangler" blog?


Kevin said...

I blog under my own name, and honestly, I'm amazed that I remain employable given what I've written over the better part of the last ten years. But apparently I am, because I've been unemployed exactly one time for right at six weeks during that period, and I've changed jobs twice (once voluntarily, once not - the six weeks one).

Maybe being really long-winded (TL;DR) helps with that. Nobody in HR really bothers to READ what I write.

Nate said...

Well Say Uncle sent me over here and I must say I'm impressed. I don't think I'm unemployable, (though unemployed) through any fault of my own humble blog. But I must say there is 1 former blogger who brought this whole situation to light a number of years back that really proves your point. Does anyone else remember Kim du Toit? His blog was very well read and his opinions highly considered but they made him unemployable.

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

Well Say Uncle sent me over here and I must say I'm impressed. I don't think I'm unemployable, (though unemployed) through any fault of my own humble blog. But I must say there is 1 former blogger who brought this whole situation to light a number of years back that really proves your point. Does anyone else remember Kim du Toit? His blog was very well read and his opinions highly considered but they made him unemployable.

Kyzer SoSay said...

I'm unemployed for the moment too. It's not by choice - I was laid off unexpectedly after my company bought and merged with another, slightly smaller company. Mind you, I'd been there 5+ years at this point . . .

Yet even though I have, in the 45 days since this event, gone into business for myself selling high-end surveillance products to a niche market and embarked on a side gig scaring up commercial energy contracts, I am still putting out applications to the "corporate" world, looking for a steady, relatively stable job to supplement whatever income I can make from selling. I don't regard all corporate jobs as soul-sucking life wasters. In fact, in my last position, I had a great deal of autonomy in running the shop, or department as it were. My company had essentially created a position just for me, because they saw the talent I had (which I taught myself - basically, I became the software SME for about 5 different programs and all of Office) and wanted to put it to better use. Did it save me in the end? Nope. Not a bit. But it did allow me over a year in a position I found rewarding and highly lucrative.

It's also not 5 years down the drain since the layoff - a five-year history, with plenty of living breathing references to back up my stories of exemplary performance, is helping immensely in the job hunt. For once, I've got the pick of them, and I'm doing my research before accepting second interviews and trying to dig into the soul of the company first. Sometimes . . . sometimes . . . you find one that still has a spark within.

Anthony said...

Thanks for including me on the list. A great post. Hits home for me.

Sharing now.