Friday, January 18, 2013

When "Good Men" Take a Vacation

"Look, I could go all day!  It is the end of the day, and you are running out of others' money; and you have run out of your men’s patience!  However, you will not see the anger outside of the redness of our faces.  You are physically secure from harm; for now, until your violent brood of fatherless “youth” turn on you and all of us.  We will defend ourselves, but not you!  This is a trap.

You don’t see it, do you?  The fact that men are now indifferent means that you will now have to earn your keep.  Your rejection of your men, will now lead to their rejection of you.

You only matter in your mind; your sex is nothing to save you.  You are merely being replaced, can you feel that?

Of course not, and that is the point!  I truly desire to give you everything you asked for; it just may not be what you want.

You have failed.

Hey, you crazy kids reap what you sow and enjoy the decline!


The Great and Powerful Oz said...

Years ago there was a case where a woman in New York was beaten and raped while people nearby, who could hear her screaming, did nothing. It was considered a tragedy. Now I'm one of those people, I'm not going to lift a finger to help women out when they are in trouble. It saddens me that I now feel this way.

Unknown said...

@the Captain

I was gone for a few days and pow; a whole lot of traffic! Thanks for the linkage brother.


I think it was the Genievieve case in 1968 if memory serves correct?

She was taking her two kids, or three, and the father found her and stabbed her once. Then he left! She is screaming in this apartment complex for someone to come to her rescue; everyone heard it but ignored her.

As she was crawling to her apartment on the first floor, her kids in tow (and I imagine distraught themselves?), HE CAME BACK; and did it again.

I think he came back one more time; or just finished the job?

I could be very off about it; but the one thing I remembered is that both men and women living in the apartments in New York where it happened neither A, called the cops; nor B, did anything but pretend not to notice.

Now we have ships going down and it is women and children last after being pummeled by larger, stronger men!

Enjoy the government stolen ruler ship ladies. Being the "head of the castle" is not a bowl of cherries is it?