Monday, January 21, 2013

Canadian Rockies

On the trip back to Calgary.


Matthew Walker said...

Damn, that's some heavy scenery. I hear the Road calling.

''In the blue Canaaadian Rockies...''

Anonymous said...

Okay …. last week you were soliciting donations for the broke dick, Aurini, who apparently lives in Calgary. Aurini had a pleading for money video posted up to save his ass after being ‘laid off’ without notice.
I suckered up and sent a hundred bucks. A few days later here is Aurini and you …. partying in what … Banff?
I can’t afford a winter vacation this year, but I am happy to help fund one for a complete stranger?
I will NEVER send another penny to a distraught blogger.
Your timing on this was horrid. I feel used.

Anonymous said...

I miss snow.

Had a little trouble passing that thing in the first couple of frames, eh?

Elusive Wapiti said...

Nice pix, Cap. Calgary/Banff is a nice area.

Sebastos1560 said...

Those are some utterly breathtaking photos. Congratulations on that trip of yours.

Anonymous said...

Mighty purty. Lucky you.

William Hughes said...

Next trip head north to Jasper across the Columbia ice fields. You won't regret. She is big country.