Monday, January 28, 2013

When the Government Replaces Men

this is what you get.

I'm kind of curious though.  What precisely do feminists intend to derive joy from in their lives?  I've already admitted that the single largest source of happiness for a guy is another gal, and visa versa.  What ELSE would you derive joy from?

Oh, I know, I know.  Intellectual pursuits, hobbies, production, living the dream.

But before this feminist claptrap was forced upon society, men and women were designed to be together, either through divine design or darwinistic evolution, and was your largest source of joy and happiness.  Now that feminism has claimed that is no longer the case, and men have gone their own way, where does that leave feminists?  Precisely what does the accomplished, government-subsidized Swedish woman do to make herself happy?

Play Parcheesi?

Snuggle up to the government check at night?

What a hellish existence.

Of course, a self-inflicted one, but that's what makes it so entertaining.

Oh well, enjoy the decline.


Anonymous said...

What do they derive, dear Sir? Eventually it will be a one word answer - DECLINE.

Chris said...

Gossip, Cats and the garden.

Rowan said...

Capt, do you have any advice for a young man who desperately needs a job?

I'm in software development but having a hard time finding a job. I've decided to blow this fascist popsticle stand and go teach English in China. I've been spending all my days trying to get ANY job but just can't get my foot in the door. Most of the jobs are 3.75 hours a week anyway.

I've been working on my side business which gives me a little hope but not being able to find even a bum job just plain pisses me off.

Any advice?

Ryan Fuller said...

They get off on whining about patriarchy. Typical "not happy unless they're miserable" stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think the big plan is, we're all supposed to become lesbians. Works out well for actual lesbians.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this just another form of capital flight?

If there's one thing about the male of the human species that has been demonstrated a bazillion times throughout history, it is this: If you convince a man he is neither wanted nor needed, he will leave.

taterearl said...

Despite what media brainwashing tells of the best parts about being a man is that women aren't the #1 source of happiness. Living a life of adventure is what makes me happy...and women are just a part of that.

On the flip side I believe a woman can't be happy without a man. They need our spirit to be happy. Money, degrees, status, pa government, doesn't have the same spirit a testosterone filled man brings.

Anonymous said...

No man ever started out from a position of 'i don't need a woman'... it's in our DNA, to drive towards getting together with a woman. It makes us happy.

Feminism starts women off in a position of 'i don't need a man'.. and then once they get there, they find it very hard to accept that:

a. they want a man in their lives
b. if they get a man, they've been conditioned to loathe him/the situation/natural reciprocity
c. there are no men left, they walked away because they got the message.

At least they have cats?

Pat Sullivan said...

You have to wonder, if this is the bottom for Swedish society. I did notice, they recently refused any auto bailouts. So perhaps they have finally hit, the socialist bottom.

I am not a sociologist, but there must be some point, where a society revives itself. In ancient times an invading army, would bring a new breeding stock.

Does anyone have any theories, on what would trigger a change in places like Sweden? These people are descended from the Vikings. Surly, there is some hope of a social rejuvenation.
Then again, perhaps fading societies just drift away, and are never heard from again.

Aurini said...

You called to mind a Heinlein quote from Stranger in a Strange Land:

Kiss girls all you want to — it beats the hell out of card games.

James Wolfe said...

I like the idea of economic flight on a historic scale. Perhaps the reason that early man left Africa was a lack of resources, weak demand for his services, or perhaps to get away from the local women? Where did the Vikings go? As far away as they could get from their hairy legged, fat, loathsome, Viking women. Why else would they have built great wooden ships and sailed across unknown seas to find a new continent?

Anonymous said...

Where did the Vikings go? Lots of them left. Norway lost about 1% of its' population to the US every year in the late 1800's; most of them young, most of them male. Sweden also lost a good chunk of its' population during the same time.

Anonymous said...

While I'm no captain, I can share one thing with you. If income is your motive for getting a job, then be willing to work outside your field of study. Do what ever it takes. A factory floor may pay the bills unroll China comes through for you.

Disclaimer: Opinions are colored by a wide range of jobs, all in the interest of survival. And I can only claim "some college". Ymmv

John Apostate

Anonymous said...

Actually, while women in Sweden have problems too, they are far better off than their US comrades.