Thursday, January 03, 2013

Curse You Murray Rothbard!!!!

Always beating me to the punch.  He ID'd the problems of the division of labor and modern day feminism way before I was born. 

Lousy genius economists who are older than me.  Stealing all the good epiphanies before I even get a shot!


The Conservative Sociologist said...

This is kind of how I feel about you, haha.

Unknown said...

Sorry about the email I had sent you the other day and understand you've been very busy.

Anyways, everything Rothbard said is correct and straight forward here, even though I keep seeing people around the Blogosphere criticize Rothbard's ideas about natural rights and what he said about children or something like that. Division of labor for the win.

Aeoli Pera said...

Let me know if you find anything saying that an information industry requires the existence of a robust stock market to distribute risk for investors (who cannot possibly understand their investments without a huge time investment for each).

As of today, that would be my sole contribution to the library of human knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot - the problems with feminism were intuitively obvious to everyone but liberals and stupid people back in the 60's. (Some people insist there is a difference).

But ya know what? The REAL problem?

Women's boobs are just too big!

Stop that laughing, you sexist pigs!!!!!

Captain Capitalism said...


Heh, then your anger shoudl be double for Murray Rothbard!


No apologies necessary. Finished the book and all the uploading/files ysterday. Will be able to be more social now. Promised myself to play WoW for a month solid and not start another project.

It's painful actually.

Anonymous said...

One of these days we'll convert you to anarcho capitalism, cappy.

Anonymous said...

Rothbard was a genius. I particularly like his history of economics, which treats it as part of more general intellectual development.

Rothbard's remarks about the black heart of lesbianism brought to mind my reading of "The Joy of Gay Sex" and "The Joy of Lesbian Sex." The first was kind of matey, just boys horsing with each other. The second was plain nasty, nasty and judgmental. That had nothing to do with the male perspective - "The Joy of Lesbian Sex" was written by women for women. If I had to be either gay or lesbian (thank God I am not either) I would certainly choose to be gay.

White Knight Leo #0368 said...

I'd like Rothbard more if he hadn't openly expressed admiration for the Soviet Union on at least one occasion, in print no less.

Mark said...

Murray is kind of my hero. I have a lot of his books. I kind of followed the same ideological trajectory in my life that he did. He started out as a Randian, then became a mainstream libertarian of the Reason magazine/ Cato Institute type and ended up moving in a paleoconservative direction when he spotted some of the weaknesses in mainstream libertarian theory. He definitely believed in HBD and that there are differences in men and women and also probably in genetic based IQ differences and that socialism would wreck havoc slower in a high IQ country like Sweden than in a low IQ country like Zimbabwe.