Saturday, January 12, 2013

What's That Disease Called?

The one where you hate yourself?


Anonymous said...

The fair, fat, flushed and forty disease?

Anonymous said...

No greed and no one gets up to go to work. No one gets up to go to work and we all freeze to death in the dark. - minuteman

Unknown said...

Apparently it's a law that to be a female leftist (I guarantee you she's a feminist) you have to be unattractive.

Unknown said...

White guilt? Purple guilt? Green guilt? Black guilt?

Far left loser responds: "Racist! Sexist! Bigot! Homophobe! Plutocrat! The 1%! Misogynist! Evil Republican! Bush lover! Bellend!

I was actually called the latter term the other day, hence why I included it in there for being honest about Africa and the situation there and how much wealthier African Americans are to their counterparts. The person then gave me the classic example of what the Europeans did to Africa and mass genocide and blamed the situation all on that when you can also argue that the Americans have done terrible things to Asians in the past and their prospects and socioeconomic status have turned out much different (internment camps, railroads, atomic bombs, cough cough). Australia didn't have!!!!!

Anonymous said...

In German: Selbsthass

Don't Work In Denver said...

Hating yourself?

The only reason I've gone to the gym for the last 3 years straight is because I hated and continue to hate myself. ALL ABOARD THE DYSMORPHIA TRAIN - CHOO CHOO.

More to the point, it's called White Guilt, and it's something that is taught. Literally the only thing that will fix these people is a land war on home turf.

Ryan said...

Bah, wouldn't rhyme. I'm going to hell for these:

Ironed slacks not lazy

Kitchen sinks not shifty

fun more than racist:

Perky tits not limey

Lincoln logs not snooty