Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Because You're Ugly Joan Brady

And fat, I might add.

Let me explain this nice and clear to all you western women that have been lied to for the past 4 decades about what you "deserve" and what "reality" is.

Men like hot, skinny, in shape chicks.

That's a fact.

That's the truth.

And the sooner you learn that, the better.

Not for any misogynist or patriarchal reasons, but quite the opposite -because it's for your own best interests.

Men will, have, and always will like the hot skinny chicks.  You can ignore that, claim it's "shallow" or "evil,"  vilify it all you want,

it won't change reality.

It will only serve to worsen your life by providing you the erroneous rationale to live in a delusional and false world that will never serve nor help you.  Men will not suffer from it, you will. Because in the end, no matter how much you claim "men should like you for your personality" the TRUTH is (there's that damn word again) your personality is only one part of a list of vital and key ingredients for us to really like you.  So, yes, I'm sorry Joan Brady's of the world, you need to lose some weight and that non-realistic picture is better looking than you are.

What would be nice for a change is to let boys be boys, have their fun and let them have their innocent 1950's pin up classical poster for a rodeo without some bitter, morbidly obese sow ruining the fun for the rest of us.

But hey, you go ahead and be "that girl" that ruins the fun for everybody else. I'm sure that will send the boys rushing to propose to your metric tonnage ass.


OH, and vote in the poll at the end to make sure these idiots realize basic human sexuality and adult maturity are not going anywhere.


Anonymous said...

So many subpar women, so few rotten eggs to throw at them....

cdw said...

I went to school with girls like her, and they never dated, unless it was the ambiguously gay guy from church. Do you know why she behaves as she does? Because it is the end of the line for her, she has no where else to go.

beta_plus said...

What I want to know is if she is from Toronto-Occupied-Ontario.

You don't see ladies like that in Montreal, that's for damn sure.

Seriously - fat people are a rare sight in that city - which is extraordinary given that it is in North America.

Bill said...

Another heifer bawling about the injustice of it all. Snort!

I went to the state broadcaster's site to read the comments on the story, and guess what?

All but three fully support the Wheat Board's* use of a little imagination. The comments are scathing and lovely things to read for a change. Yes, chaps, there is a manosphere on the Canadian prairies. It's alive and very well.

*For Yanks and furriners across the Pond, the Wheat Board is state marketing regime for wheat and some other grains. All prairie farmers were required to "sell" their wheat to the Board, by law, and to no one else. The Board for its part sold the wheat in world markets at the best price it could manage. Moreover the Board could determine what crops and quantities could to be grown. The operation was pure Soviet inspiration.
The Conservative federal government just put an end to it. Grain farmers are free now.

Doktor Bill said...

Only 31% think the fence-straddling Ad was Great! Come On people, Vote!

taterearl said...

Time to start vilifying women for liking confident alpha bad boy men versus the nice guy.

And I still bet women will go running to the bad boy 10 out of 10 times.

Amy said...

I voted in the poll at the end of the article. The results, as of my time of voting at 6:11 a.m. EST, were:

Silly but harmless: 42%
It's great: 31%
Offensive: 17%
On the Fence: 9%

All figures above rounded to nearest whole number.

I must admit to some fascination with pin-up posters. Artistically and stylistically, pin-up posters display great color and liveliness. The women are attractive not only in their physical qualities of being leggy, curvy, and youthful, but there is something sexy in the sweetness and innocence in their poses and expressions. The women are young and fresh, a bit coy and flirtatious without being aggressively sexual and man-eating.

We have a few old-school pin-ups (reproductions) of this variety hanging in the garage. It's the sort of "sexy" I want my girls to embrace - pretty, innocent and a little bit coy, not slutty and aggressive. Some mom I am!

Glen Filthie said...

The CBFC (the 'F' is not part of the acronym but should be)is an organization run by elderly hippies, angry homosexuals, fat ugly feminists and socialists - and finds its audience among their peers that tend to coagulate in cultural cesspits like Toronto and Montreal. Their viewership and ratings are literally in the single digits and if they weren't bankrolled by the taxpayer they would be out of business tomorrow.

Put it this way: I am the only guy in Canada that doesn't have cable TV. That leaves me 5 channels, one of which is the CBFC. Guess which one I don't watch?

Anonymous said...

The only real requirements for any woman to get a man are:

1. Don't be fat.
2. Don't be a bitch.

All the advice in the world for women to be women and to get a man boil down to these two things.


GregMan said...

"A spokesman for the National Farmers Union says the ad is offensive, adding it will likely cause farmers to sell their grain elsewhere."

Right, because there's nothing more important to a farmer than what some ugly feminist thinks. Talk about self-delusion!

Anonymous said...

"The only real requirements for any woman to get a man are:

1. Don't be fat.
2. Don't be a bitch."

Actually only number 2, I know a couple of chubby girls. (ok, not _fat_ per se but definitely of the weight class where you think - "less cheeseburger, more exercise, dear" )

They married well and young: of course they also PICKED well (They chose "nice" guys and have speaking improved them. And the guys in question know it.) and remain fun, vivacious, hard working, and nice ladies today.

Guys (at least those who aren't alpha males with a harem on the side) will excuse a couple of extra lbs, within reason, so long as the lady has other positive qualities.

taterearl said...


Kind of like the simple advice for men to get a woman that Roissy said.

1. Don't be boring.
2. Don't be a suck up.

Anonymous said...

Of course there are female corollaries for all of these which apply to the men out there who whine about women wanting X, Y, and Z which is the exact opposite of what they say they want. The major difference between men and women, is men say explicitly what we want, and women criticize us for it, where as women lie to themselves and others when they respond to and really want almost the exact opposite of what they say.

Just get used to it - it's the way things are, and the way they will ALWAYS be. So you can learn and play - or whine and complain. Ultimately, the choice is yours...

Anonymous said...

The Canadian Wheat board, until recently, was collective that wheat farmers were mandated by liberal governments to be part of. In effect the WB marketed the produce with no say from the farmer. Communism clear and simple. You get what they give you. Thanks to our current conservative federal government .... that monopoly is gonzo.

Now on to that fat ugly slob.

She, like most fat chicks, will never know what it's like to have her arms around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist while he, in a standing position, holds you aloft both hands on your cheeks and gently makes love to you as you drift into a feeling of weightless ecstasy.

...... Just sayin'. Hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:37 am:

"Actually only number 2, I know a couple of chubby girls"

Chubby is not fat. When I say a girl shouldn't be fat, I'm talking she should not be FAT.

Not Honey Boo Boo's mom fat.

Not Abby Lee "Dance Moms" fat.

She can be chubby. That's OK.

Delta Burke from "Designing Women" circa 1984 is OK.

Jean Smart from "Designing Women" circa 1987 is OK.

Rita Cosby from Fox News circa 1998 is OK.


Anonymous said...

There is an even funnier dimension to this little spat. The Wheat Board was an exercise in collectivism held over from the Great Depression in Canada. Farmers, until very recently, could only sell their wheat through the board, and the board, more often than not, got them a lousy price. The Conservative government recently ended the board's monopoly and now farmer's are getting access to markets and prices they hitherto could only watch their Southern cousins make money from. There was a huge stink from the left on this one, and the board is stacked with "central planning" types. So, quite amusing to see the PC lefty crowd going at each other hammer and tongs!

Anonymous said...

she's upset that any healthy man in his right mind would rather masturbate to that fictitious image of the pin-up girl than have real sex with her.

Anonymous said...

This is yet another attempt by the harridan feminist movement in their never ending bid to change what they see as one of the many different forms of misogyny. More aptly though it's offensive to the very women who would like to be in the ad but are as the Cappy pointed out – fat. What's offensive to the unattractive, obese Joan Bradys is an employment opportunity for a woman who works hard to look great such as a NFL cheerleader, motor racing grid girl, bikini model, or in the case of the Wheat Board ad, a gig for the little sister of Cappy's Donate Babe. To wit:

Jerry Seinfeld describing the feeling of watching a soda commercial on TV with people on the beach spiking volley balls and girls in bikinis, while drinking the very same product being advertised and thinking "maybe I'm putting too much ice in mine?"

Or better still, the epilogue from the "Good Samaritan" episode:
"Man is paralysed mentally by a beautiful woman. And the advertisers really take advantage of this. Don't you love those ads where you see the woman in the bikini next to the 32-piece ratchet set. You know, you'll be looking at the ratchet set and going 'now if she's right next to the ratchet set . . . and I had that ratchet set? . . . I wonder if that would mean that? . . . I just better buy that ratchet set!'"
- Jerry Seinfeld

And that's how our world works and the Wheat Board knows it. Matter of fact, speaking of Seinfeld, I'm getting a hankering for a little cereal right now.

A tip for the gals: lose some weight, learn about makeup, lose the nose rings, tattoos, and purple hair with green tips, and try looking like the retro honey in the ad and you'll having nothing to complain about.

Anonymous said...

She's a piggy piggy!

Take The Red Pill said...

Anonymous: "...So, quite amusing to see the PC lefty crowd going at each other hammer and tongs!"

Don't you mean, "with hammers and sickles!"? (Look at the flag of the now-defunct Soviet Union to 'get' this.)

Laughingdog said...

Really surprised you didn't choose to go with this picture instead.

Ryan Fuller said...

"What an image of a long-legged woman straddling a fence has to do with selling grain is beyond me," Joan Brady, NFU women’s president said in a news release.

What nonsense is this, trying to use sex appeal to sell something? It'll never catch on!

According to Laughingdog's link, she's a supporter of the "local food movement" as well, which is just about as stupid as saying that sex in advertising doesn't sell.

Anonymous said...

A smidge of googling and wikipedia-ing reveals that this gal heads up a group called the "National Farmer's Union" which "vehemently" supports the monopsony of a single organization in Western Canada to be the sole clearing-house for all wheat and barley trade in Western Canada. IOW, an organization run by free market-hating militants is headed by a chick who is A) offended by the realities of marketing and B) unlikely to be featured in any pictorials in the future.

Shock, surprise, gasp, awe.

That said, do we really have to get personal? Okay, she's fat and plain looking, she's still somebody's daughter, possibly somebody's mom, and a human being. We don't have license to be rude to her. And it's just plain wrong. Let's criticize her for her opinions and actions only.