Tuesday, January 01, 2013

He's Just a Stupid Russian

Hey kids!

Are you a spoiled little suburbanite brat whose parents pay for everything?

Are you a little child who's never had to work for a living because your father and mother borrowed all the equity out of their house so you could live the impossible suburbanite princess/prince dream?

Are you so far removed from the real world demands of self-supportation, you can afford the luxury of subscribing to marxism, communism, and other bullshit your inferior babysitters err...."teachers" jammed down your throats?

Then "Mock Real Russians Who Suffer Under Communism!" (aka MRRWSUC!)

Why listen to real people who actually lived and suffered under your stupid, childish, naive, moronic, imbecilic, evil utopia when you can dismiss them with such spoiled brat American child logic?

"The just didn't do it right!"

Listen to your equally spoiled brat suburbanite 1960's hippie professors who never worked a real job in their lives!

Learn to hate production and blame your miserable failures on "capitalism!"

Learn to hate reality and blame all of it on people who aren't you!

Learn to despize the economic system that afforded you the most lush and plush and undeserved standards of living any worthess liberal art-majoring POS spoiled brat who can't do basic algebra ever had!


/> sarcasm


taterearl said...

The human bubble is about to burst...enjoy the decline.

For those like me that live in the real world, the impending collapse will hurt somewhat but I'll laugh more at the suburbanites lifestyle begin crushed.

Liberista said...

and btw
happy new year

Eric S. Mueller said...

Gotta love that "Communism would work great if we only got the right people to run it" rationality. I had a discussion about that with someone at a party last month. I said "any system of government dependent upon the 'right people' for it to function correctly is doomed to failure."

I'm not sure why, but I could not convince the person I was talking to of that. He left the party convinced we only need the "right person" in the President's office to fix all our problems.

I call it the "Messianic Theory of Politics".

Unknown said...

That's one of the scariest posts I've ever read. Tell this to all the morons who comment on The New York Times who want to blame Obama, Bush, or Congress (specifically Republicans) for all of their problems. They sadly won't believe you and all you'll get is a feedback loop from them. Hollande's 75% tax idea was rejected by the French Constitutional Council, so it's pretty obvious the welfare state isn't going to infect itself into this country so easily if even France doesn't like crazy socialist ideas.

Anonymous said...

Check out this article and more here:


Pat Sullivan said...

Even the Russian news agency Pravda, writes articles about socialist America. Talk about a turn around.
The Russians news agency mow mocks socialist America. The Cold War truly is over.

I agree with your statement. You also have to add former citizens of; England, the Eastern Block, and even Canada to that list. These people have lived through the socialist nightmare. They are now witnessing, the exact same disaster taking place in the USA. Leyland Motors, the British car company, was taken over by the government. They produced bad cars, and union workers received big fat paycheques. It`s GM all over again.

America had such huge successes under a free market system. Can anyone name a single comparable success story under socialism? Yet America`s march into a collective society continues. Watching this nightmare unwind, is very painful.

Ryan Fuller said...

"America had such huge successes under a free market system. Can anyone name a single comparable success story under socialism?"

Norway, but that's mostly because they've got a ton of oil.

I think the best hope we have for maintaining any freedom at all is to reduce the power of the federal government. A lot of states want this socialist bullshit, but a lot hate the idea. If the federal government weren't forcing everyone to go along with their plans, we'd have a lot of very clear examples of just how damaging the welfare state is.

The idiots still wouldn't learn, but moving to another state is relatively easy.

GregMan said...

I've worked with Eastern European emigrants from time to time. Whenever they encountered the typical liberal-indoctrinated product of an American public school, puking out whatever pro-socialist garbage his teachers dumped into his head, their reaction always was "ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME? You think the Soviet Union is a GOOD thing?"

Dave said...

I have the opposite in my mother-in-law, a Real Russian Who Thinks Communism Was OK (RRWTCWOK). Her argument is that everyone had enough. Her mother raised her on a widow's pension of 20 rubles a month. A loaf of bread cost 35 kopek, half of their daily income.

When a low-ranking Communist Party member from a big city proposed marriage, life with him must have seemed luxurious indeed. Fifteen years and three children later, they received an apartment with running water.