Friday, January 04, 2013

The Biggest Threat to American Women

Is when you've made it so painfully clear there are more important things in life than you.


Aynsley said...

I do believe that's a threat to Canadian women.

Craig R. Meyer said...

('Can't say I fully understand you here, 'Cap.)

Captain Capitalism said...

What do you mean you can't understand me???

He spent his time with his niece. He couldn't care less about the women that throw themselves at him.

He knows she is more valuable than any "hot POA"

American women keep devaluing themselves to the point other things like family, friends, loved ones are more imoprtant.

Anonymous said...

Frig Cap. Is it so hard to make it when I click links it opens in a new window? I get lost out there man.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Tom Leykis was the biggest threat of all... guess I was wrong.

Ryan Fuller said...

Anonymous (7:09):

Links that open new windows are blocked by many browsers with settings that discourage asshat websites from exploiting that behavior.

Right click on the link, then select Open Link in New Tab.

Anonymous said...

Knowing that we're talking about his niece, it helps to know that. Having learned the precise relationship here. In the comment section. Instead of being able to pick up the context from either the post, or the link. No context to be mined there, that I can see.

It's a good point, but I didn't get it because I've never run across that webcomic before. I might not be alone in this.

Mike James

Ted N said...

And...I have yet another favorite comic. Thanks! :D