Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Right, Blame Sarkozy

God, do leftists ever own up to anything?

I hope Sarkozy is enjoying the decline.


Anonymous said...

The dude is banging Carla Bruni (who is a bit past her prime) of course he is enjoying the decline.

Anonymous said...

Sarkozy was not economic libertarian. He only looks that way compared to the socialists that followed him. France financials look the way all Europe's financials look; A corpse that's still moving for the time being. There's no such thing as a free lunch, and the more they take the less everyone has.

Anonymous said...

Well, no, they don't. They are always the radicals, agitating against - us, always bringing in the great new order.

As for N. Sarkozy, he is attempting to get away from France to London and a new career as, I think, an investment banker. He has always been strongly involved in government finances. There is a little problem with a corruption charge, but as Wikipedia says, "Generally, Sarkozy is strongly disliked by the Left ..." and he is now in the hands of his enemies.

Olivier Sarkozy, the half-brother of Nicholas, is an American-French banker.

Sarkozy, BTW, is a Hungarian name.

Pat Sullivan said...

Actually Sarkozy is relocating to Britain.
This appears to be socialism`s biggest lesson, there is a time to just give up the fight and leave. When the socialists take over, moving to a more business friendly environment, is the only option. This not only applies to countries, but within countries as well. Many people have left California and New York, for business friendly Texas and Florida.

Next, get ready for the French political leaders, to start blaming Wall Street speculators, for all sorts of French economic declines.

Breaker Morant said...

I think the Left not owning up to anything might be the hardest part ,psychologically, of the Decline for me.

For example, I would love to see them take ownership of Detroit and see what lessons could be learned from that.

Dave said...

I love how Hollande won election claiming that austerity was unfair and unnecessary. Then five minutes after taking office he's pushing for austerity because "the budget situation is much worse than I realized". In other words, he just discovered that Sarkozy was telling the truth!

Bub said...

The whole ideology hinges on a willful disregard of reality. They'll never own up to anything that makes them FEEL BAD.

Anonymous said...

Socialism was invented in France. I wonder if France will survive its own meme.