Friday, January 25, 2013

The "Green Ninja"

God, I knew this was going to happen.

OK, my first motorcycle was a Ninja 250, it was green.  We said IN 2008, "how bad would it be that the 'Green Ninja' sounded like a ghey super hero effeminate male cartoonists would create for the global warming scam."

And wow, WOW!  what do you know!  Some effeminate male cartoonist, who would be the last person women would want walking them home late at night, came up with the idea!

How about we teach this indoctrinating socialist pansy a lesson and "thumbs down" his little cartoon (because, I know it sounds sad, but "thumbs down" actually means something to these people).




Anonymous said...

You need to promote a REAL Superhero.

May I suggest none other than Captain Capitalism - the Cold War Superhero?

He's on Youtube an if we are going to indoctrinate kids...can you think of better super-villains that Karl Marx?

Big Bad Jim

Anonymous said...

Cappy, you should sue or something. You're right, "thumbs down" does make them cry!

Nothing says learning math and science like a cartoon telling kids leaf blowers cause tornadoes!

Anonymous said...

Spot on, Captain.

But this is their signature. Guys like the late crocodile hunter Steve Irwin and David Attenborough were turned into "Eco Warriors," the all new He-men that fought all that were bad in the environment. But these chumps couldn’t even grant a modicum of respectability to the other side of the debate with a Skeletor-type character. No the people that argue against the great scam of our generation are referred to as, of course, climate change deniers – as in holocaust deniers. Evil and must be defeated to save civilisation.

Interesting too that Irwin's daughter with all her 14 years of life's experience on the planet had a recent story about population growth which coincides with Attenborough recently whining about too many people on mother earth. Maybe the Green Ninja's dark side can emerge and he can sterilize Bob and Bindi Irwin with their eco Mother's approval before moving on to Attenborough who said the following about last Christmas:

"I'm going to be surrounded by grandchildren. A big family Christmas."

Then this eco ninja character can pay those nine ugliest feminists a visit and then you'll have a cartoon show.

Anonymous said...

Trade it in for a red Honda (or whatever your preference) and you won't have this problem. I admit to never having ridden a ninja, but from reading about your adventures it really doesn't strike me as the best type of bike for your style of use. When I road bikes 20 odd years ago I had a honda shadow. It wasn't as fast as a Ninja, but with liquid cooling, shaft drive and a more comfortable seating position, I went on all kinds of adventurous trips on it. If you ever get the chance to take one for a spin, give it a shot. I think you will like it.

Anonymous said...

Seems your plan worked!

Wiccapundit said...

Hi Cap. Jeez, how ghey was that? I went to YouTube and Disliked the vid. I also Liked your comment and every other comment slamming Mr. Puss-N-Boots. I also added the following comment:

"How about I beat the Green Ninja into unconsciousness with Michael Mann's broken hockey stick, and when he comes out of a coma you can rebrand him as Mangina Boy. Then he can join The Metrosexual League and fight crime by sending criminals a Strongly Worded Letter."

You should tell your readers to not only click Dislike on the video, but click Like on the harsh comments; it keeps them near the top of the page.

Anonymous said...

Check out Captain Euro, a genuine piece of Euro propaganda.

eljay said...

Green Ninja's are faster. And lowside more often. Especially special editions. Not being racist. Just the facts.