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My name is Aaron Clarey and welcome to the flagship product of my little "online media empire" - Captain Capitalism.

Captain Capitalism has a nerdy, pathetic, and sad origin.  I was sick of being the only conservative at parties during my 20's in the leftist shithole known as Minneapolis.  Not because I was a conservative, but because any time I'd attend a party,

some drunk liberal would out me,
a debate would ensue,
I'd mop the floor with him,
finish the debate,
and then kill the party's buzz worse than Buzz Killington.

So, to make quick word of the debates that were sure to ensue I decided to start burning CD's with some key charts and data that always seemed to be at the nucleus of the debates I was having, and thusly put a quick end to them so the party may go on.

Then Blogger came about.

Blogger was an easier format to store my key charts.  So instead of having to lug CD's around, all I had to do was upload the charts and data, having them conveniently there in anticipation an emasculated Minneapolis leftist putz of a man decided to play "smear the conservative" in a vain attempt to impress chicks.

From there it basically became a platform for me to yell, vent, and scream at the idiocy I saw around me.  Never thought it would lead anywhere, but it did.  Apparently I wasn't the only guy on teh interwebz thinking the same thing.  Soon links were made, traffic exchanged, books were written, and in 2011 I was making enough money on this crazy blog I could tell my boss to pound sand. 

So welcome.  This blog has about 8 years of some of the finest economic research and philosophy.  And I'm not joking about it.  I've predicted more shit that's happened well before any of the "professionals" did, and I only half joke when I claim to have "SAEG" (Super Awesome Economic Genius). So you might want to read up.  In the meantime enjoy the posts, tune into a podcast, watch my youtube videos, or buy yourself one of my books.

Aaron Clarey


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you anyone could win an argument with a leftist. I didn't think leftists were smart enough to know when they were wrong, even when someone shows them. I guess you really do learn something new everyday.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think leftists would ever admit when they were wrong. It's just like my mom said, you do learn something new everyday.

James Preston said...

Absolutely LOVE your thinking! You are so similar to me it's frightening! On top of all your great thinking genius, I, too, use Blogger! Yay. Haha. I was freed from Religious Drivel about 4 years ago and as I have progressed I find myself thinking along these lines in a big way. So I am very new to this philosophical way of thinking, but very excited about it. Individualism for the win! :)
From Durban, South Africa
Come visit some time, people.

Todd Keller said...

You can "win" an argument with a leftist?! Now I KNOW you're full of BS, Aaron! ;)

Unknown said...

I have never found a liberal to admit they are wrong or concede to a debate especially feminazis. They just keep just keep doing attack after attack and unless the fight was physical, it would never end. These liberals today are radical extremist and we have to bend to them is what our society preaches. How come society did not tolerate and still does not tolerate Nazis but embraces radical liberals and feminazis?

Zafy said...

Even when you win an argument you lose, because your opponents position does not change. You only uplift your ego but not change a mind.

Anonymous said...

You're the man, Clarey. *thumbs up*

Jimmy Jambone said...

It's not the lefties minds' I am trying to change. It's those on the fence. I had a discussion with a raging lefty at work who said 'I don't care if you put facts in front of me, I won't ever change my opinion'.

But I wasn't talking for is benefit, rather the other people in the room who were silent, listening. The ones who went away thinking about what I said. I won't change anything, but that's not why I do it. I don't represent truth for any reason other than it's just the truth.

Anonymous said...

I just found your site while looking for ant-earth day stuff. I used to get into arguments a lot with lefties (I lived in Eugene, OR for a while), and eventually had to stop for many of the reasons you state.

The biggest take aways I have from my time there are these:
1. When arguing with a lefty you have to make them define the terms they use. And do this for every single term they will use.
2. You have to be exquisitely clear about everything you say. Lefty logic is inherently fallacious. They know that deep down. Therefore they will ultimately resort to catch-22 games to shut you up.
3. Even when you are not arguing, they will try to shame you if they know you hold attitudes & beliefs they don't like. They do this just to gradually mold your behavior.
3. The biggest defense against lefties is to be secure in your convictions, know what you're talking about, and be unshame-able.

dee said...

I was sent a link to your 'pastors wanted' post. I'm not a pastor now, but a former pastor who is now Catholic. Don't know if that counts, but thought I would throw my hat in. I'll look here for responses.

Anonymous said...

"I didn't think leftists would ever admit when they were wrong."...

I hear a very similar tune, sung by the "lefties" about the "righties." Seems to be an inherent facet of differing opinions in the present state of a commonwealth society, or any polarized community or group for that matter. I do not align myself with any particular "side," However, it is important to keep in mind that our hatred towards others and lack of respect for others opinions or experiences render our conversations and teachings paralyzed. I have found the best approach in a debate, argument or discussion on hot topics, is to take a socratic stance and ask the right questions, which will allow others to find their own truth that will resonate with them and be impactful in their life views and decisions. Otherwise you are trying to shove the proverbial square peg in a round hole.

The man of many faces...

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you anyone could win an argument with a rightist. I didn't think rightists were smart enough to know when they were wrong, even when someone shows them. I guess you really do learn something new everyday.

*every day