Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Sponsor - Delusion Damage

Delusion Damage, if you didn't know, is an aggregator-site that compiles all the various libertarian, manosphere, freedom, etc., posts and sites out there.

However, he also has a cheap, thorough, and effective tutorial on how to start a web site.  A la Khan's Academy, it is free, he just wants you to visit it and consult the site before you start building a site.  A perusal of the site shows it goes beyond the basics of just "Setting up" a site, but also how to get high ranks in google searches and so forth.

If you are considering starting a site, I strongly recommend this be your first stop.


Anonymous said...

Delusion Damage

Unless you intend insult

Anonymous said...

I've been dicking around the idea of starting a website/blog. I don't have the knowledge of people like you and Aurini, but as I'm still learning and becoming a man, I believe it will be valuable to chronicle my journey through college and beyond.