Sunday, January 27, 2013

Enjoy the Schadenfreude!

New feature kids!

If you look under the "Donate Babe" picture to the right, you'll see a new and very welcomed category to Captain Capitalism

"Enjoy the Schadenfreude."

It's exactly what you'd expect.  Blogs and web sites where the authors are completely unaware their musings are confirming everything we knew was going to happen, allowing us warm "I told you so" and "schadenfreude" fuzzies!

If you know of any other blogs and web sites where liberals, leftists, feminists and hamsters about to hit the wall wax poetically about reality crushing their fragile perception of life, please let me know!


Anonymous said...

I would say you should throw "not a girl, not yet a wino" up there, as she's been pimping feminism mixed with Sex and the City trope for almost a decade now, but when I looked her up with google.... well... it looks like she's hit the wall at age 40.... deleted all her posts....

That's how it went in 2005, you could tell them SATC wasn't like real life, but they just didn't believe it.... Now they know.....

Anonymous said...

Who is the artist of the Donate babe? I have a babe on polar bear rug image with the same signature on it, she is my iPhone iCandy.

Anonymous said...

Just ... wow. Pop some corn and crack a beer.

Anonymous said...

Dear God! The comments on that blog post... And I'm sure that these are all career chicks that turned down at least ten dozen handfulls of betas in their life. They start rewriting their stories when they turn about 38 and single. The truth is too painful!!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, get a load of that "A New Courier" site. Yikes! That chick definitely ain't the Donate Babe, that's for sure.

You know it's got to end bad when she states she doesn't want any human children:

"No, I do not worry about dying alone, or who will take care of me in my old age, because I’m pretty sure your children will." Wanna make a bet? I'll take her money. I'll bet her cats are her children and she looks like that Liz Jones (the non-photoshopped version).

And the final two gems: "I hate Seinfeld" and "Have a question about my hair color or want to pay me to travel the world and write about it? Use the contact link..."

Ugh! I'd pay her to stay right where she is, hopefully out of sight. And her hair? Like it matters.

That blog is brutal. Just brutal.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, you'll like this one

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's womenatforty one is depressing. Poor ladies... hopefully the Left comes up with some good policies and laws that protect them more. Maybe something that says that every woman over 35, who isn't married, gets to pick any single man she wants (that meets her list of demands), and he has to marry her.

I'm just saying... one thing we know is the government can fix everything, they should be able to fix these ladies. If anyone that isn't on the left suggests that it's a ridiculous idea they can just call it a war on women.

Anonymous said...

A lot of these older chicks who started their blogs around age 28-30 whitewash them when they realize how bleak their futures really are. Around age 37-39, they’ll wipe out 2/3rds of their earlier posts.

What gets cut?

1) Anecdotes about all their one night stands. You know, the ones where they gave the guys nicknames like Sex and the City taught them to.
2) Foo Foo stories about their beta orbiters. “He’s so sweet, doesn’t he know I’ll never be with him. I’ll still take the free stuff and help though.” I’d imagine those are especially painful, once the beta gets hitched and ends up a decent husband with kids or changes orbit to a younger, hotter version of yourself.
3) Reposted feminist diatribes. Big heartfelt conversations about why abortion is right, why welfare is proper, and why men are jerks, all gone with the wind. I would imagine, in retrospect, they realize they were used as foot soldiers… cannon fodder in a culture war that buried their future along with their wombs. Or it could be that they’re trying not to scare away the last few men who pay any attention to them. Who really cares? : )
4) TV/Movie praise/worship posts. 50 recaps of Big Brother/The Bachelorette/Temptation Island/and bloody Sex and The City (of Course). I don’t really know why these go, did they realize that these shows were as shallow as they themselves used to be? Or are they finally angry at the payload delivery mechanisms that bombed all their logical escape paths from singledom to rubble and left them trapped in their living hell? (p.s. – I’ve noticed that Mad Men recaps are strangely immune to this effect, could it be unconscious yearning for the days of yore?)

In summation, schadenfreiud is great, but it’s even better when you realize that they really did get everything they had coming. Though they may try and claim innocence later, that’s just hamster baby!!

Anonymous said...

I like the bitterbabe one you have posted. Tons of sour grapes and hamster spinning in there. You get the feeling that if her looks and plumbing had held up, she would have been happy being a total wench to her very last day. Instead, complaints that TV has to many twenty something pretty girl tv characters, and whining about how men over 35 only date women under 35.

I think a lot of these spinsters are as stuck up at 40 as they were at 21, and they still don't know how to adjust their expectations and just have fun. Feminism really messed up their worldview.