Monday, January 28, 2013

Baby Boomer Bosses - Part 2

Why are you forcing us to commute in 2013?


Anonymous said...

People commute because they're terrified of a certain highly dangerous inner city minority. CEO's who own real estate keep the status quo for their own profit.


Mike said...

This is fantastic! I have the pleasure to work in IT consulting which seems to be a more 'enlightened' field. Part of it is that our management structure UNDERSTANDS the internet and how to use it for work. Right now, we have people staffed in 4 states, most of whom work from home exclusively. We do still have an office and a few people staffed there for basic maintenance but this is SUCH a good arrangement.

I do fear that when the baby boomers retire (Read: Die at their desks) that large parts of the work will go overseas because of excessive regulation and other hurdles to business in the US.

Mark Adams said...

I had the good fortune to work in one of these data-processing jobs a few years ago. One day, someone went to the BBB and asked if he could telecommute, since literally EVERYTHING he did, with the exception of signing in and out on his time sheet, was through the internet. The boss immediately canned him because "If you're stupid enough to have to ask that, you're not fit to work here."

Of course, two weeks later the entire department's function was sent to India, where it's all done remotely now, so maybe we were too stupid to understand the process.