Wednesday, January 09, 2013

From Our British Agent in the Field


I love how the web site picture is so photoshopped and her reality "con cats" is the real world. 


Mike43 said...

Read the article. Gad, she's a miserable piece of work. Who'd want to hang around with her?

She's reaped what she's sown, and doesn't have the brains to figure it out.

Get some more cats.

The Conservative Sociologist said...

Why did she write this? I was so embarrassed while reading this story. It's more like a journal entry than a column on a website.

Aaron said...

Every paragraph followed this formula:
"I used to be such good buddies with X.
I wrote a disparaging column about X.
Why did X stop being my friend?"

Pat Sullivan said...

You are correct Anon 6:43, has she ever reaped what she has sown.

She has written all sorts of man hating articles. Her articles trashed every aspect of family life. She made a decision to be alone, and live out in the country. Now for some really strange reason, she does not like being alone.
I bet even her cats don`t like her.

I nominate her for the Feminist Poster Girl of 2013.

Anonymous said...

Wholly Moses! She spit lentils out on her plate, then rinsed her mouth in her water glass and spat the water back into the glass?

I have vegetarian friends, but I can't imagine any of them doing such a thing if I got the plates mixed up. They'd swallow one bite, then say, "I think the plates are backwards."

Ew God, I'd drop her, too.

Jane the Grad Student said...

She displayed an egregious lack of class at a friend's dinner party by repeatedly spitting vs. going to the bathroom to take care of the issue.

She automatically assumes that she and "family people" have NOTHING to offer each other.

She dissed her friends, BY NAME, IN PRINT, IN A PUBLIC FORUM. What, she thinks any new acquaintances won't bother to Google?

I feel bad for her, but really, she has displayed a consistent pattern of disrespect and disinterest. And then tries to justify it!! No. Just... no.

taterearl said...

That is both comedic and sad. A true tragedy.

And on top of that one more reason I am glad I am a male. Ladies lose their looks and popularity quickly...but unless you get dementia, eat soy all the time, enter marriage, or become a liberal a man never loses his mind.

I can go anywhere and make friends...or if I so choose I can be lonely. One of the biggest enjoyments I have is getting into conversations with complete strangers.

Anonymous said...

Liz Jones - a legendary nut. I suspected her Mail on Sunday column was a spoof - but it's for real.

She supposedly has a (un-named) ageing 'rock star' boyfriend.

"There were 16 cats on the duvet cover, holding on for dear life"

Anonymous said...

Wait, a lot of the people she thought were her friends were actually employees. I'm making a connection that she doesn't seem able to do.

Anonymous said...

Liz: I'm mean, repulsive, rude and give tacky gifts and expect everything in return....

WHY AM I ALONE! *sniff*

You understand me little cuddles.

Cuddles: I may not wait until you die before I eat your repulsive face.

Anonymous said...

I believe that in this story, her actions were pretty bad in general, but I cannot FATHOM what her general vibe is like in the FLESH.

From looking at the pictures, I can get this sense of hostility, remorse, and yet, a desperate feeling of wanting to belong to something or someone.

It seems like a crude, harsh way to finish out the remaining days of a life flickering to stay alive that no one ever bothered to check that there was any fuel left.

But is this what THEY wanted so desperately????

Ecclesiastes said...

I don't know who Azzedine Alaia is and I don't want to, not if this is what happens to people that do.

Tom said...

Some of her words of wisdom (from Wikipedia):
"I resolved to steal his sperm from him in the middle of the night. I thought it was my right, given that he was living with me and I had bought him many, many M&S (Marks & Spencer) ready meals."

Anonymous said...

Sell cats, buy gun, go on rampage.

Works for Men - it can work for women too.

Anonymous said...

Tom was right about the sperm stealing. But you must read that article and it will leave you in no doubt whatsoever to what kind of woman she is: