Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adventures in the Petrified Forest

This was from Day #2 in enjoying the decline.  My buddy Khanh and I headed out to Holbrook, AZ, immediately east of which is the Petrified Forest National Park.  They unfortunatley close at 5PM, so we had to run across a basin to get to a hill I wanted to hike to originally.  We were unable to make it due to a lack of time and had to run back.  We were literally running across the basin which resulted in some serious "Mad Max Badassery" footage of which Khanh has.

Here's what it looks like out there:


Anonymous said...

hi cappy,
how do you feel about the ERE (extreme early retirement) lifestyle.
here's a link if your unfamiliar with the concept.

Anonymous said...

Well, this whole desert hiking adventure seems quite underwhelming, Captain. But then again, if that's "decline" - rock on!

Anonymous said...

I love the sparseness of the desert. No cities, no traffic, no noise or light pollution, just nature; land and sky.

Anonymous said...

There once was a photo of a young boy, me, astride a petrified log like it were a pony, happily munching a sandwich. The picture is long gone in a housefire.

A while ago I had the idea that I could recreate that picture. I went to whereof you speak, intending to take another picture of the grown man doing exactly the same thing.

It is forbidden to do so now. You can't touch those rocks. They're too fragile, the rangers told me.

The picture exists now only in my mind. And when I am gone, so to will the picture vanish. Forever, this time.