Saturday, January 19, 2013

She is TRULY Alone

We will drink your tears and savor it.

Enjoy the decline girls!


Anonymous said...

It's a "mia culpa I'm an idiot, don't be one too" letter. I don't see any reason to gloat over it. Did your mother do something nasty to you when you were little?

Anonymous said...

The best part of the story is that she recently wrote a story about her beauty treatments

Maybe she is expecting the guy to come back once he sees how young she now looks!

Anonymous said...

This is so typical isn't it. Read her words carefully: "man who offered everything," and "understood me, and "my best friend … my best love."

Me. I. Mine. What did she offer him? Read the article again and see if you can find anything. HE left the romantic notes on the pillow; HE scoured bookshops for her.

So many of these bitches have no interest in giving joy or happiness to anyone else but themselves.

But worse, she's hounded the poor fella ever since and today she seems just as selfish as she was when she dumped him. And even worse still, the whole article seems created for a particular reason: "Perhaps he … and I are a distant memory." Perhaps? She's still not gonna leave him alone. What an awful cow of a female. Hmmm, writes for a women's magazine. What a shocker?!

Eric S. Mueller said...

Do the newspapers HAVE to include pictures? Most of these women look like their skin is sagging where their souls would be. Every one of these you link to, I can barely stomach the pictures of the 40 year old "oh, damn, I screwed up" woman.

Anonymous said...

I definitely savour those tears. An Eat, Pray, Love woman ahead of her time. They're common as dirt.

Eagle-eye hindsight, eh girls?


Pat Sullivan said...

Anon 3:15 you hit the nail on the head. She is a selfish narcissistic nut case.
Society used to have a large stigma, associated with becoming an old maid.
This acted as a pleasant warning to young women. You better mind your Ps and Qs, or you will end up as an old maid.

Currently the fashion is to bash traditional marriage and celebrate feminist freedoms.

This lady can act as perfect example of bad behavior, to currently young single women. She ignored good advice from her father, and she played all her cards in the wrong fashion.

On the positive side; the former boyfriend dodged a bullet. I am sure, when all those harassing phone calls and letters arrived, he was darn glad he never married her.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha, I laughed, I chortled, I guffawed...what a mess of a life. The Jewish Princess syndrome. Always looking for the "better" thing.
I DON'T feel ANY sympathy for the wench. May she continue to live in her regret.


Anonymous said...

"I moved into a rented flat a few miles away in Hornchurch, Essex, and embraced single life with a vengeance. By now I was an editor on a national magazine. Life was one long round of premieres and dinner or drinks parties."

Wow, lady. What an amazingly productive human you are! Editor for a womynz were right to ditch that stupid, nice guy cop and look for someone better.

White Knight Leo #0368 said...

Dunno if you're going to read this, Captain, but I found this today and I'm sending it to everyone I know, just because its awesome. It wont make you stop enjoying the decline, but it WILL make you forget for a moment.

White Knight Leo #0368 said...

I'm willing to take this article for what it is, which is what Anonymous 2:48 called it: a mea culpa letter and a warning to other women. I hope every woman reads this or something similar; it might save them, and us men too.

Anonymous said...

Karma, like revenge, is best served cold.

Someone got ice for the drink of tears?

She looks like 10 miles of bad road in a thunderstorm.

Cogitans Iuvenis said...

The more stories like this the better as they serve as useful PSA's.

Unbelievable said...

Women are not happy unless they are unhappy. Even if she did marry the guy she would have raked him over the coals in divorce court and still be in the same position she is in now.

Forget about marriage, forget about relationships, any man child that escapes from the womb better run for his life.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps all the parts where she expresses concern for anybody but herself were edited out. Or perhaps not. It was nothing but "Waaah, poor me!" from start to finish. Kudos to Matthew for not communicating with her.

Unknown said...

Honestly, right now, Western women have the reputation that is becoming ever more in the public field of view.

Right now they are viewed as the party girl good for a quick lay; and than the delay until she goes away.

Soo, this crying and weeping will be the thing that drives even more men away.

A mentor I had once, who is maybe passed on now, once told me that as he and his wife were celebrating their 42nd anniversary that he knew exactly what to advise me. I asked him what he meant.

He said "EB, when you meet the one or any girl for that matter; go visit her mother!"

Why? I replied.

"Because in twenty years, that is what she is going to look like!

"When I was serious with my girl; I demanded to meet her family.

When I saw her mom then in her forties; I knew I could definitely live with that.

After having read this woman's tearful heartache; I think he meant more than just the physical condition?

V10 said...

Absolutely spot on, Anon 3:15. She knows she fucked up, but she still doesn't fully understand why.

Hell, even this mea culpa is just more of the same all-about-me behavior. "Oh whoa is me, won't someone tell me it's alright and that there's still hope, preferably a white knight who'll ride in and find my humble contrition endearing?"

The tears of unfathomable sadness are delicious.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"It's a "mia culpa I'm an idiot, don't be one too" letter. I don't see any reason to gloat over it. Did your mother do something nasty to you when you were little?"

U mad?

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AAB said...

Unbelievable said:
'Women are not happy unless they are unhappy.'

Which seems to imply that if women are to be happy, then they need to be treated as second class citizens/inferior to men. If they are treated as equals or superior, then they end up like the woman who wrote the article.

The one line in the article that caught my eye was:
'I took him totally for granted.'
It sums up the complacency that women seem to feel towards men nowadays: they expect men to act as servants and for them to actually enjoy their servitude. Like we should be grateful for the opportunity to serve them at our expense, at our loss. That's really a dangerous attitude to have, that level of arrogance. Like French aristocrats thought of peasants before the French Revolution.

Anonymous said...

Having read her article I've discovered that I have no desire to drink her tears or gloat. In fact, I've discovered that I really don't care at all. Her past, her desires and her mid-life crisis just aren't my cross to bear. I'll go on living and enjoying my own life.

Phil Galt said...

It's a "mia culpa I'm an idiot, don't be one too" letter.


It's a thinly veiled demand for sympathy.

I knew a chick like this during my ToastMaster days. Every talk she gave was about HER. Occasionally she even admitted that she wanted the audience to feel sorry for her. Did I mention she was single?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:48 here:

Re: "U mad?"

Not really. This kind of reminds me of when people stand by the prison when an offender is executed, singing and celebrating.

Okay it's a good thing they're leaving the world but at some point it says more about the people singing than the person frying. And as far as I'm aware this woman didnt actually kill anyone.

the_spiral said...

I agree with others who say she sounds like an unrepentant narcissist.

She's not sorry for treating him badly, for breaking his heart, for not appreciating his kindness to her, or for spending YEARS stalking him and interfering with his relationships. She's sorry because SHE feels lonely now, and SHE wants something that she can't have. Guaranteed if he dropped everything and came back to her, she'd continue to treat him like crap and disregard his feelings. She's sorry for all the wrong reasons, and that's a sign she hasn't matured or learned from her mistakes at all.

cdw said...

I work with a couple of these termagants. At least a decade ago, they thought they had the pot of gold in their nether regions. No man was good enough, and when one was, they were demanding children. 12 to 15 years on, the men who avoided these harridans, have made out well. The gals, well, no kids, no husband, just crusty old harpies complaining of their daily grind, or lack thereof.

Phil Galt said...

"Not really. This kind of reminds me of when people stand by the prison when an offender is executed, singing and celebrating.

Okay it's a good thing they're leaving the world but at some point it says more about the people singing than the person frying. And as far as I'm aware this woman didnt actually kill anyone. "

Instead of thinking of them as a bunch of red-necks, conservatives, or worst of all those hypocritical Christians celebrating the demise of a convicted criminal....How about thinking of them as former slaves celebrating the destitution of the plantation owner?

Ryan Fuller said...

I was too busy feeling sorry for the man whose life she's done her best to ruin to feel much schadenfreude at her well deserved suffering.

Don't Work In Billings said...

"It's been 11 years since Matthew and I last spoke, and I have to accept that door has closed."

And this doesn't have "because I closed it" at the end?

Jack Amok said...

This sort of article seems to be becoming a staple of British journalism. D'ya suppose it'll cross the pond like some obnoxious reality tv show? Can we get a snide Brit to host?