Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hey! Let's Destroy Evidence!

"No pictures taken, no questions asked."

Now, if I was a murderer in Seattle and had the gun hidden away, guess what I'm gonna do!


heresolong said...

I wish I had cash. I'd have set up right across the parking lot with a sign that said "Buying guns for cash". Since there is no legal requirement that you obtain ID from the seller, and since I have ID that says I have had a criminal background check (Concealed Pistol License), there would be nothing illegal about me buying any quality guns that came through. Seller gets a better deal, I get good guns for dirt cheap.

I suspect that they would harass me and shut me down, though. Wouldn't fit their worldview.

Anonymous said...

"Now, if I was a murderer in Seattle and had the gun hidden away, guess what I'm gonna do!"

Keep it for a souvenir like Dexter's bloodslides!

Rumbear said...

If the esteemed Mayor had a lick of sense he would take those $200 dollar "Assault Weapons" and post em up at Gun Broker dot com. Prices for basic AR's are pushing $3K. Budget problem solved.

Erasmus said...

There is no end to liberal idiocy here in Seattle. Last year they banned plastic bags. Now they're buying back guns.

The whole place is run by brain-dead liberals.

Andrew said...


A group called Texans for Accountable Gov't did just that with a bunch of their members.

I'm heading to the next one in Austin assuming I've got the cash to blow.

The cops had no problem with it.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, the folks at "Fiscal Conservative" stated that this was an attack on first amendment rights. I though the gun issue was a second amendment thingy.

Nextly, how stupid are people ... almost any gun is worth a lot more than a hundred bucks.

If I had a gun that was involved in a crime, I would take on a ferry ride and toss it into Puget Sound.

Good lord ... it's getting really stupid out there.

Don't Work In Little Rock said...

If you turn a perfectly functioning gun in for destruction, you should be shot.

I'll spare you an emotional rant on how these pieces of steel and walnut were carried hundreds and thousands of miles on foot through blistering heat and freezing snow, all to do their job in the fever of battle for the free world.

All so some fat fucking SWPL feminist could wait for her WW II vet Grandfather to die and have his perfectly maintained Garand MELTED DOWN because she doesn't have the first inkling of understanding or respect for it.