Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Mean, Old Coin Dealer...

and other antics in this latest episode of "The Clarey Podcast."


Unknown said...

The last really good cartoon I can think of was SpongeBob, and that was during its first three seasons.

South Park, Futurama, Family Guy and others are animated sitcoms, not necessarily cartoons for me, mainly due to the lack of funny drawing and motion. I look at those on their own merits. Archer seems like a pretty good, clever adult show from the little I've seen from it.

Someone introduced me to a BBC show the other day called Sherlock and I've been hooked. It shows you that the public still wants to see really good, high quality television with surprises, cliff hangers and twists and they don't mind sitting through three 90 minute episodes per season. TV isn't completely dead, but much of the good stuff is on premium channels like HBO and Shotime and channels like FX.

James Wolfe said...

I haven't had cable in 6 years, instead I download the shows I like, commercial free. I really like Person of Interest, it's sort of a sci-fi mystery crime drama. Vegas is also not bad, cowboys vs gangsters. And Arrow has its moments as does Walking Dead. Most everything else is mindless drivel for the dumb masses to consume to keep their feeble minds off the hand basket we're all riddin' to Hell in. Why contribute to the stupidity of society by paying for 100 channels of crap just to get 2 or 3 good shows?