Sunday, April 07, 2013

Three Reasons Theater Majors Are Important!

Please, oh Merciful Patron Saint's Name of Frick,
Invoke the power of my Cappy Cap disciples
So that they may log into their Facebook accounts
And rip this idiot and very much well-deserved new one
So that young innocent 17 year old children
Do not falleth for the greatest lie told to their generation
That if they "follow their heart the money will follow."
And that someday
All taxpayers and hard working adults
Who work real jobs and not government or non-profit subsidized fake ones
May wake up one day,
Audit their tax bill
And vote in politicians who forever cut off taxpayer funding
For something that is nothing more than a hobby for children who never want to grow up or contribute to society



Unknown said...

Two words: Face palm!

The worst thing about that BS article that you linked to are all the sycophants and lemmings who agree with this fool. Unbelievable.

I actually knew a few people from high school who are now majoring in theater. Some of them are actually talented or have done theater work and plays. I wish them luck in barely being able to pay rent or buy food. Idiots.

leap of a beta said...

Ugh. I wanted to slap the author and the person who posted this on my Facebook.

Being a working man in the theatre business there is no reason, NONE, to go in debt for theatre. If you want to do tech theres entry level stuff requiring little to no training that pays 10-15 an hour. Actors can take classes at much cheaper rates outside of a formal school. Doing so wull get them training AND build contacts with working professionals rather than stagnant profs WHILE avoiding debt.

I made a few mistakes in life and my major. I'm lucky that I've landed well enough paying jobs in the entertainment industry that I can balance rewarding work and well paying work

Just Saying said...

I love female theater majors. They will do almost anything to get the lead in a play, and since most of them have no idea of how the world works, they are a lovely diversion.

Anonymous said...

The three reasons he lists are delusional. Theater may technically be a business, but I doubt if most theater majors take a single business class.

Theater prepares you for other careers (like law, politics, and management). Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I would think studying law would be the best way to prepare for a legal career.

Salary doesn't matter? I believe it was Robin Williams that suggested artists should be subsidized by the government, because what they contributed to society was so important. Special snowflake thinking at its worst.

SM777 said...

Theater majors are important?

I remember for a few years after graduation thinking that a Finance degree was similar to a degree in Basket Weaving. However, it did get me a job as a Bank Teller!

Then I re-trained and entered the IT Field..............

Amethyst said...

I work with a theater major (who spent $50,000 on her degree at a private school.) She's currently working two jobs (in a retail store and in a dress shop) with no plans that I can see of using her degree for any kind of theatre-related career. But at least she has a rich hubby who can pay off her student loans for her. (Lucky guy!)

Anonymous said...

None of the great actors, actresses, theatrical producers, or what you will had any kind of background in theatre. One of my classmates has had a successful career on the West Coast (both Canadian and US) as a theatrical director and television director. He had a joint BA degree (in English literature) and B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry.

It's rather like English literature. Writers of note don't take English literature and certainly not Creative Writing. Arguably the greatest writer in English of the 20th Century was T. S. Eliot, who was a philosopher (submitted a Ph.D. thesis but was too busy to complete his degree) and in later life was a successful businessman. Perhaps after T.S. Eliot might be rated James Joyce, who studied theology and philosophy and some physics as an undergraduate. Then there is Wallace Stevens, a very talented poet and businessman in Hartford. And so it goes.

Anonymous said...

From the article: "Rahm Emanuel, the current mayor of Chicago and formerly Chief of Staff to President Obama as well as a Congressman, majored in the Humanities in college with a specialization in dance."

I LOL'd.

Josh said...

No captain i refuse to log into my facebook account. My whole "Friends" List feed is just a simulation of what is wrong with this world.

Eric S. Mueller said...

Makes me think a Master's in Instagram or Pinterest can't be far behind.

Bill said...


"A theatre degree is little more than self-indulgence and will have no practical value in the economic hard times ahead. The time and money would be better spent getting a degree in the STEM fields, or even better yet, a journeyman's certificate in plumbing."