Thursday, April 25, 2013

Baby Boomer Meat Markets, CSR and More!

In this latest podcast Aaron talks about Baby Boomer meat markets, how "traditional grandmothers" might become extinct, how he hates it when bank tellers fake taking an interest in you, and he asks corporate America the question - "What's the next, greatest innovation in business?  CSR?  Linked in?  Lobby and rent seeking?  Do any of you have ANY new ideas or is it just more BS?"

Some of his finest work and NO recording errors!  You can find the archives here.


Son of Brock Landers said...

In our service economy with white collar jobs, increased turnover. My guess is that as tech + processing power makes more advances, they will lose demand for even human holistic decision making skills unless on the higher transaction value level. Because of this, many lower value or lower profit margin transactions (we live in a service economy) will be done by interchangeable employees. They will treat them like garbage and rotate them in and out every 3-5 years. The training cost will be low, so not much effort wasted on getting replacements. In the event you find someone capable, you keep them for longer term, higher value transactions. They screwed over the blue collar men, not it is white collar workers turn.

Dan said...

Cap, when will you roll out an RSS feed to feed our podcasting apps with?