Saturday, April 06, 2013

When We Ran Out of Good Men/Bad Boys

Tell me this isn't the chart of the year:

If your mind is already interpreting it and neurons are firing with stimulation, then just read the article.

And yes I use my real name.  And yes, I am a ballroom dancing, tornado chasing, fossil hunting, motorcycle riding, mountain hiking, Rumpleminze drinking economist.


Anonymous said...

Yup. H.U.S. finally jumped the shark. Piling on with the tired, but reliable: man-up.

Shameful said...

Jesus Cap, i actually read that tripe. 1. Who gives a damn what an old woman thinks? If i want a wrong female opinion from an older woman i'll call my mom who would at least appreciate it. 2. The manoshpere has public faces. Roosh is about as out as it gets. And others can look to see that it has impacted his life. Not like he could go back to biology and deal with the HR trolls. 3. Without the state artificially holding men back and boosting women up a lot of the hypergamy issues would be happening.

Glen Filthie said...


Hey, Susan...who takes the MEDIA seriously anymore? And if these guys are so obviously WRONG and irrelevant...why are you taking them so seriously? Is it your contention that because a story source is annonymous - it isn't valid? LOL LOL LOL!

Boys, this is the "logic" that is destroying the economy, the family and the nation. And typical of such women, that one is flapping her gums at 100 MPH and not listening to a word in the comments.

GAH. I can just imagine her man too.

Anonymous said...

I almost read the article, but stopped short when I realized it was written by a woman.


Captain Capitalism said...

What, exactly, did Susan say that was so wrong or disagreeable?

Quartermain said...

All in all, I think it was a good article.

The trends she describes seems to have been going on for at least 30 years.

It's only recently that people really started to talk about it.

A said...

This, of course:

"If what they have to say would jeopardize their careers in male-dominated industries, or destroy their personal relationships, then maybe their message needs rethinking as well."

It's completely absurd in the light of the recent Adria Richards debacle.

No One is Raping Anyone said...

This is why 1,000,000 women from the USA search for the exact words "how do I get raped" on google EVERY month.

Go ahead and look it up... go to google adwords and click on "Tools and analysis" then "Keyword tool" then on word or phrases type in

"how do I get raped"

WITH quotes.

Now click keyword ideas tab

You can see that 3,000,000 women (mostly women I'm sure we can agree) search for this term PER month... and 1 MILLION of them... ONE THIRD are in the USA (local).

They are in need psychologically of a strong dominating man... but those men are gone... so they manefist this need in terms of the rape fantasy... how ELSE can you explain that ONE THIRD of these searches are from America... the feminist capital of the world?

Anonymous said...

I work in a man dominated, womynized workplace where I was demonized for a while for pointing out the hypocrisy of a female political candidate whose only aim if she won was to "get more women into politics".
The hypocrisy was because of the 15 other candidates, seven who were women, she put all of the other women LAST on her 'how to vote' card. For those who don't know, the preference system works by reallocation of votes if your 1st preference doesn't get enough votes then you vote goes to your next preference.
Apparently my pointing this out makes me a misogynist.

Positive Thinker said...

Women like this author are the reason this world is so screwed.

I remember as a teen reading about a guy with cancer who'd taken part in some pretty heavy drug trials, the outcome of which was they would be able to help people with earlier stages of cancer than him.
Rather than be pissed off, he was just happy that less people would have to go through what he was going through.

Women like this one are from the "well I had to go through this, so why shouldn't you" breed, which doesn't progress our society one bit.
Bit like the high schools where freshmen are treated like crap, solely because the people giving the crap were treated that way when they were freshmen.

So what's the difference between this woman and high school students doing this? Nothing, they both believe they're entitled to tell others what to do based on how they were (or perceived they were) treated and proceed to tell the object of their scorn how to take it (ie "man up").

If every generation made the next do this then we'd still be living in caves "because our fathers had to".

Anonymous said...

looks like a favorable envrioment to coral some of those lost boys with no future into an army.