Monday, April 22, 2013

How Robotech Caused Terrorism

I guess I'm going semi-viral.

Don't know how this happened, but I am now the #3 result if you search for the Boston terrorists on Youtube.

This has resulted in a flood of the most worthless, brainless, but still-think-they're-geniuses college brats, as well as some angry radical muslims, spewing the most mind-numbing bullsh$t you'll ever see.

JOIN THE FORAY!!!  It's fun!

I've (according to my comment policy) have cleaned it up a bit, but there are still some amazing comments that get through.

Here you go:

Oh, and let's see if "Cappy Gets Results"

Let's like this one up a bit here, eh?

Post Post - Oh honest to god people.  Have NONE OF YOU SEEN DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS?????



Ken said...

Dirty rotten scoundrels! But where was that quote from?

beta_plus said...

Maybe people are upset that you liked Scott Bernard and the 3rd MOSPEADA part the best, instead of the 1st Macross part the purists adore.

I have to admit, I was always partial to Roy Focker.

Captain Capitalism said...

Beta Plus,

It was where Steve martin was in the French jail and the inspector (in cahoots with Lawrence Jameson) tricked him into leave Beaumont Sur Mer forever.



Jack Lane said...

You're also on the front page of google for 'why did they do it'

beta_plus said...

I apologize. It's been probably 20 years since I've seen that film.

Dave said...

When Muslims cannot find infidels to kill because all their neighbors are Muslims, they accuse their neighbors of not being "true" Muslims and start killing them.

Polygamous society are extremely violent and not very productive because they have no beta males, only frustrated alphas.

Unknown said...

Rustling up some jimmies, eh?

Tom Leykis had said something about not praying for Boston and he got a whole ton of crap from the "Massholes" who had never even listened to the show before. Where do random people even discover these videos anyway?

V10 said...

Arguing on the internet is like urinating into a sea of urine. Youtube takes it to 11.

I don't know what it is about Youtube, it seems to harbor the worst community of comment makers of any social media platform. The quality is abysmal, dominated by juvenile discourse and straight up crackpots. They're not even trolls, trolls are at least entertaining on occasion. I swear there's real and serious mental health and anger management problems with the people who spend any significant amount of time posting replies on Youtube.

"By my observations, the sky is blue."


Anonymous said...

One word describes this whole tirade.


Check out the South Park Episode