Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Zombie Feminist

Note - this is a serious post despite the title.  This is also a NOT a post about politics as much as it is about psychology.  The reader would benefit most from trying to set aside politics while reading this and treat it more as a clinical study in psychology rather than a mockery of feminism or leftist politics.

The more I sit and think about this, the more I realize I'm on to something AND I do not like it.

The "liberal zombie."

The title may get a chuckle, but if you think this through the consequences are very dire, arguably the single largest threat western civilization faces.

In short, how do you reason or rationalize with somebody whose mental capacity has been compromised or impaired?  How to you explain or convey a person is wrong when they have a veritable mental disease that prevents their minds from even entertaining the fact they might be wrong.  Not to provide a personal anecdote, but to make a very clear point, my brother has been an alcoholic since the 5th grade.  After being requested to drive him to the airport this last Christmas, it was impossible to deal with him because he has suffered literal brain damage to the point he can no longer retain commands or maintain his short term memory.  You could tell him not to light up the pot in the car, at which point he'd obey your command, only to try to re-light it 3 minutes later.  It's not that they disagree with you, it's that their brains have been compromised to the point they're not capable of it, and are only responding to a brainstem level of instinct.

Enter the liberal zombie.

I truly believe that after K-Grad school education, the human brain is so indoctrinated and steeped in leftist thought they are mentally impaired and incapable off;

independent thought
critical thinking
intellectual honesty
open mindedness
admitting being wrong or in error

And with a compliant media, government, and society, this mental disease remains thoroughly ensconced in their psyches into adulthood.  But what makes it worse is there is usually a violent (though mindless) reaction.  An emotional and visceral response to anyone or anything that dares to suggest they or their ideology is wrong.

For example, compare and contrast these two clips.

This is what a feminist looks like.

This is what a zombie that wants to kill Will Smith looks like.

Precisely how do their psychologies differ?

Will Smith's character (if I remember the movie right) tried to reason with the zombies saying he could cure them.

They wanted none of it.

The MRA in the other video wanted to have a calm discussion.

The feminist wanted none of it.

But worse, both became agitated and (at minimum) angry.  So angry in fact it becomes VERY obvious there is no point in trying to reason with them.  They lack the mental capacity to reason.

In other words, I fear there will come the point (if we're not there already) that trying to reason with anybody on the left will not only be impossible, but they are so indoctrinated to hate the right (or anybody who disagrees with them), they will become violent and dangerous.  And since they are so far gone that they can no longer be engaged with reason, logic, thought, intelligence or discussion, it will unfortunately force "non-leftists" with only one alternative - physical force. 

Ergo it is perhaps best for the left at least try to practice what they preach and be open-minded.


dannyfrom504 said...

"In other words, I fear there will come the point (if we're not there already) that trying to reason with anybody on the left will not only be impossible...."

we're already there. i don't even bother trying to have a logical discussion with feminists anymore.

Anonymous said...

I've had this opinion for years. The best you can get out of these people is knee-jerk slogans with no logic or thought behind them. If you challenge them, they immediately resort to personal attack. It does get tiresome after a while.

Bub said...

I don't like their chances. They are terrified of any sort of physical threat from what i've seen. For one example, there was a video of occupy sf people marching and one guy yelled at them to shut up as it was the middle of the night. Several of them stopped to curse at the guy and threaten him. Standard tough guy talk but when it escalated into a situation where violence was LIKELY IMMINENT the occupy guys literally ran away. He was outnumbered maybe a hundred or more to one. They were all talk to a level you wouldn't think possible. Just one example, of course, the oakland crowd was apparently not so lily-livered but i don't really know what heppaned there.

Anonymous said...

I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that we'll have to deal with the marxists the way that the protagonists deal with the zombies in the movies and tv shows. Literally, in that fashion. (I can't even type it plainly for fear of police state retribution) Those people have destroyed civilization. The only way we can re-establish Western Civ is by treating them like the zombies they are. The k-selected wolves must sort out the r-selected rabbits with extreme prejudice.

earl said...

I don't engage in debates either unless it's silly topics. And usually the point is to make the person laugh.

Life is too short to deal with stupid people.

Anonymous said...


Penrose said...

Logic is an oppressive tool of the patriarchy.

August said...

Yeah, I started using the term zombie socialism, largely because Obama and so many others keep implementing socialist policies but have none of the intellect/goals the old socialists had.
I also started using the term Zombie Republic, because the Republic is dead, and all signs of life simply come from the inertia of the institutions, and those damn rats who will stay in the corpse until the last drop is gone.
It'd be great if you can get the term to stick, but I think people ignore the point, like how people just think you are just being mean if you patiently explain the parallels between U.S. policies and those of national socialism.

Just Saying said...

I have given up on "talking" to liberal in any fashion - they do not listen to reason, facts, nor are they actually open to understanding. This is why I believe there is no "compromise" when it comes to DC - there can be none. How can you compromise when the left is incapable of reason?

I decided after the last election that this country was doomed - too many looters for my tastes. I have off-shored most of my businesses, and set up enough companies that they have funds for me in various places all going into company funds, which aren't mine. I have been taking all of my losses in the US - costing this country as much as possible. It is doomed, so I do not want one dollar of mine, one minute of my effort, going to support it. I want it to fail - I wanted Obama to fail - I never thought that I would leave. My family has been here from before this country was a country - I will be the last in my line as an American, I will be going elsewhere. Not only for the financial incentives, but for the freedoms.

I watched as jack-booted-thugs went from door to door in Boston throwing Americans out of their homes with no writs or warrants, no suspicion of a crime, all in the name of "security"... I would rather be in a country where they cannot do that - and there are many... The US is doomed... I for one will be sad to see it die, but there is no other future I see - when more people want a hand-out than to work for a living, it's time to leave and take all or your products with you. I'll leave behind debts, and lots of unemployed - good riddance...

Anonymous said...

good thing they're so scared of evil black guns!

Anonymous said...

"that trying to reason with anybody on the left ..... they will become violent and dangerous."

The left has _always_ been violent and dangerous, at least compared to the right.

(How do you tell a violent right wing dictator from a leftwing one? The right wing nutter has a death toll in a the 10,000's and is reviled for decades after their death. The leftwing nutters get started at million and get tee-shirts made up.)

James Wolfe said...

Whenever I go into Atlanta to work I always leave my opinions at home. Most urban dwellers, regardless of their social or economic status, do not realize how dependent they are on govt services. They ride on their govt subsidized public transportation because they believe they are being good for the environment by not driving a car, they walk up and down the beautifully landscaped streets paid for by the city, they walk their dogs through the govt subsidized parks, and enjoy the govt subsidized concerts on the weekends. Out in the country we have very little interaction with govt, just the sound of the mail truck as it drives through the neighborhood. Trying to talk politics, or religion, or just basic economics with them will just lead to arguments, unless they also happen to live out in the country or they are one of the rare open minded liberals.

Open minded liberals tend to be mostly foreign born, Asians, Eastern Europeans, who may have been raised in a city but have a healthy mistrust of govt. They are at least open to the idea that everything they've been told to believe about govt is a lie. When they ask me why the economy is still bad even though everything they are told by the media is good I tell them why and they are willing to listen and have thoughtful questions. When they talk about environmental issues and I point out facts that are contrary to what they have been told to believe they listen and think and say that I may have a point. But say something that is contrary to a hard core indoctrinated liberal and you are branded a lunatic, a heratic, your voice MUST be silenced!

When I bought my first gun last year, the economy was getting worse, violence and crime was getting worse, but out where I live life is basically unchanged. I know my neighbors, we watch each others backs. I didn't get the gun to protect my home from my neighbors. I got the gun to protect myself from them. The hard core liberals who claim to be open minded yet want to curtail my freedom and liberty for THEIR protection. They want MY stuff in order to make it fair. They are entitled to my services. And they will use the power and weapons of govt to get it. Like Hell they will.

If, or I should say when, it all comes apart, they will not find aid and comfort from us. They are not welcome here. They do not approve of the way we live our lives or keep our faith, they can keep their govt God and let it take care of them. We are stocked up, we are stacking, and we have more than enough ammo. So just keep walking folks, just keep walkin.

Pete Brewster said...

I've dealt with alcoholics in my time. Even the ones not so far gone that "wet brain" syndrome has set in are like this. Lectures don't work---they tune you out in favour of trying to figuring out how they're going to beg, borrow or steal the money from you for their next drink or hit.

In the case of your brother the alky and pothead, tell your folks point-blank: if you invite him over for Christmas any more, don't count on my showing up. Life's too short for the rest of us to deal with alkies.

Same goes with liberals. The best thing is to have as little to do with them as you can possibly help. It's best not to acknowledge anything they say to you, except when such questions as "cash or credit?" or "fries with that?" make it necessary. With very few exceptions, they have no topics of conversation beyond what they saw on the Internet the other day or their own trivial, almost always self-inflicted problems. They rarely have much interest in listening to or learning from anybody who knows something about the world, and nothing to teach you. Life's too short. Really it is.

Anonymous said...

Usually liberals and leftists are pretty smart. When you pop a hole in their argument/worldview, they go into ego protect mode to save themselves. The logic is "I'm smart, how can I be wrong?".

Captain Capitalism said...

Funny you said that Pete because those are almost the words verbatim I used.

Anonymous said...

I m older than most of you guys here and have see a lot of people come to that conclusion over time.
they start out workinon a single issue, fathers rights, 2nd amendment, or tax reform and thsyey get deragged into the whole agenda because the thinking is all the same. The liberals see anyone who doesn't agree with them as evil. Healthy people who are not liberal see people who do not agree with them as wrong , or maybe niave.

I have come to believe that liberalism is some kind of god complex. I think the only way they can see themself as good or worthwile is to find a convienient "bad " to fight. Anyone who rejects their self serving morality will fill the bill. Patriarchs, polluters global warming deniers, anyone who doesn't bow to their moral superriority will do.
they do not want to hear that men who want fair treatment are not mysoginous, because they they have lost the villian in their life and that means their liberal standard is no longer the moral standard. I think most people who advocate for any non-liberal cause eventualy come to this conclusion. look at the extremes liberals go to to punish anyone who supports a conservative cause. who would say that something as insane as having a kid thrown out of a public school and ARRESTED fo wearing a nrya T shirt it the act of a sane person. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/04/19/8th-grader-arrested-suspended-for-nra-protect-your-right-t-shirt-with-image-of-gun/

a sometime reasonable person once wrote a book about it, go through the capt's link to amazon if you want the book. http://www.amazon.com/Liberalism-Is-Mental-Disorder-Solutions/dp/1595550437

beta_plus said...

I've been worrying about a SHTF scenario for a while now.

The left has made it clear that they simply want to grab everything that they can and bankrupt the US. The problem is, once we truly go broke, we will turn on each other. We don't have St. George slaying the Dragon or a common religion to bind us.

A Second American Civil War would be the worst thing ever to happen, dwarfing even World War II.

It wouldn't look anything like the last one. It would look like Lebanon or the former Yugoslavia - just with nukes and fresh vendettas - not anger over battles from hundreds of years ago.

What I find hilarious is that the left thinks that the military and police will just allow them to create a dictatorship to prevent this. First off, if the police and military aren't getting paid, they'll just abandon their posts to protect their families. Second, the guys who actually serve, especially the ones who actually pull a trigger, don't exactly like the left very much.

Martel said...

The zombieness seems most pronounced among females. You can sometimes reach a male through reasoned debate, but the women require game and all sorts of hamster workarounds.

I have a female commenter on my site who literally cannot grasp the difference between a moral obligation and a law making you do something. It's a moral imperative to help the poor, therefore it's up to the government to make us help the poor. I bet everybody here already gets this without even thinking about it, but other commenters and I have gone around in circles to no avail.

A male leftie, however, doesn't like how I've framed it and disagrees, but at least he understands it.

I could reach the female, of course, but not online. I'd have to see her in person, play with my tone of voice, alternate between soft understanding and firmness, use push/pull, agree and amplify, build up her trust and then mock her. It can be done, but is it worth it?

To me it is because it's fun, but I completely understand why most of y'all would give up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear what alcoholism has done to your brother-tragic indeed. I read that high doses of B1 can help.


Pray for the feminists and the alcoholics-both need miracles.

Izanpo said...

Facebook is one big never-ending exhibition of zombie liberal psyche - and the freaky part is, you see it in people whom you consider sensible most of the time.

Exhibit #1: One of those idiotic "Like if you agree" things proudly proclaiming that all single moms are Superheroes. This was posted by a patriotic ex-military guy.

Exhibit #2: A crappy photo of Gabby Giffords juxtaposed next to text...the gist was: "I was shot in the head and congress did nothing/Sandy Hook children were murdered and congress did nothing". What exactly was congress supposed to do? Pass a law making it illegal for crazy people to do horrible things? This one was posted by a hard working woman who has been running her own business for years and is normally a very even-keeled person. But even she was not immune to that simplistic childish magical thinking and runaway emotion when it came to gun control. I was going to suggest to her that swimming pools be banned, considering that 5 times as many children die that way. But I refrained knowing that the logic would never penetrate.

Facts don't matter, truth and logic don't matter. Emotion, self-righteous indignation, juvenile posturing and meaningless gestures are all that matters to the liberal zombies. It's the post-Christianity equivalent of holier-than-thou.

Sithicus said...

You gotta shoot em in the head!

The Phantom said...

"The MRA in the other video wanted to have a calm discussion.

The feminist wanted none of it."

Well, duh.

I think the thing to understand is that the people who show up at demonstrations have already decided which side they're on. You're not having a discussion, you're having a contest of wills.

That said, I could HOPE that these fruitloops decide to get violent. If all it takes to get them swinging is me showing up with a sign and standing there with my hands in my pockets, I'm all over that.

kick6 said...

The funny thing is, I've been told by several liberals that, beyond any shadow of a doubt, liberals are more intelligent. I've even been linked to studies to back up this statement (http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1968042,00.html)

However, the way they define intelligence, of course, is custom-fit to their view of the world, which is to say, not tied to reality at all.

miforest said...

some good comments

Anonymous said...

They're not zombies. As I commented in another thread, they simply don't consider you human. When someone doesn't consider you human all sorts of behaviors towards you suddenly become acceptable to them.

When someone doesn't consider you human, the proper first response isn't physical force, but to treat them the same way they treat you.

Anonymous said...

I've become increasingly convinced that it's all over but the shooting. And while I'm determined not to shoot, I'm by God going to be ready to shoot back.

Robert W. said...

Aaron, you may be interested to listen to this segment from Charles Adler's show. In it you will hear a Winnipeg feminist staunchly proclaim that sexism can only exist from men towards women.

It reminds me of a Chinese-Canadian buddy of mine once telling me with the greatest of sincerity that it's impossible for anyone who isn't white to be racist.

The fact that people believe such nonsense and live their lives with these beliefs is frightening.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see a raging 'progressive' douche-bag screaming her insanity in the faces of others, I cannot help but think, maybe the Muslim men have it right.

Consider the more gentle controller that the Christian male had over his wife until recent times and you may just find happier women and healthier families.

Remember that old TV series, "Father Knows Best"? That title didn't sound so ludicrous back then. I remember watching it with mom and and brother. You know, my family, all of us ... Together happy. Not much of that anymore.

John in Raleigh said...

I'm in full agreement, but feminism is not on my mind right now. The shut-down of Boston on Friday is far scarier than the bombing itself was. I remember plenty of terrorist strikes in Europe in the 80's, and the Europeans NEVER shut down a city going door-to-door hunting for those animals.

The thought that came to mind is that this is what it must have been like to be ethnic German living in mid 1930's Germany.

But since we're using movie anecdotes, think Kurt Russel in "The Thing" when he says: "I know I'm human, and if you were all these things, you'd just attack me right now, so some of you are still human."

There are still many people with their eyes open who aren't buying the lies.

Bill said...

I like your thinking Cpt, but I did have some difficulty with the video clips on a couple of levels:

1. At first I thought the red-headed fembo was the zombie example. Eventually I realized my error and sorted it out, but it took another re-run.

2. I was less disturbed by the "I Am Legend" out-take. There was both a hero and a rational woman in it, unusual for anything out of Hollywood since 2000, say.

Manospherian members and their loyal ladies need to understand that the psychological damage Cpt Cappie has noted, is caused in most part by the compulsory state schooling systems.

Compulsory school attendance enables all those '...ists' to inflict their poisonous philosophies and idiotic ideas on the minds of those too young to analyze and judge. Typically children get 13 years of it before they are free to select a feminist finishing facility and learn to turn maturing males into beta-orbiters.

Some would blame the cultural nihilism of Hollywood and its clones in NYC and Vancouver, but really it's the coercive public school system that repeats and reinforces the mindsets of:

Marxists, feminists, environmentalists, pacifists, fascists, entitlementalists, HRists, misandrists, Keynesians, world governmentalists, nanny-statists, racists (the anti-white kind), collectivists and moochers. (I know, I know, there's redundancies in there.) These sorts are teaching your kids -- and it's compulsory.

As the Cpt says, Enjoy the Decline.

Capt (old) Bill
Victoria BC

Bill said...

I've decided to buy a skeet gun, semi-auto. It ought to be a bit of fun as well as adequate for repelling zombies at close-quarters.

Anonymous said...

John Galt all of them. Don't offer them your services. Let them try to figure out on their own. Wouldn't you love to see one of these women try to pour a ton of steel whilst complaining that all the rules were made by dead white males?

Remember the penultimate scenes in Atlas Shrugged where Galt was taken prisoner by the moochers. They were foaming at the mouth, screaming at him do something. He just said "What do you want me to do?". They will burn themselves out, just like the Pol Pots and Communists of the world.

You either live in the real world, or you die. And since they all 'abhor' violence but fall into such senseless rages that they will start to use it, let them throw the first bench. Then, let 'em have it.

Bill said...

In my remarks above about schooling, I should have added some solutions to the Manospherians.

1. Oppose state compulsory education wherever practical. Vote for any measure that relaxes the states grip such as 'voucher' programs or subsidies to home schoolers.

2. If you along with members of your harems decide to spawn, provide for private education, tutoring, home schooling etc. Gear the childrennnnns' education to meeting the requirements of SAT, GAT and GED or other suitable certification -- or not. But keep them away from the state indoctrination camps, ..erm.. schools

Bill said...

Anonymous said, "I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that we'll have to deal with the marxists the way that the protagonists deal with the zombies in the movies and tv shows."

Well, that's the way the old-style Communists dealt with those in their spheres who didn't 'get it.'

Taking just the Oscar winners of big C socialism, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Min and Pol Pot, the count is approximately 150,000, 000 people, and I haven't calculated their successors or bit players like Castro and Honnecker. Yep... 150 million plus all in the names of Marx and Mao. There ya go... Their philosophical spawn will do you just as the Zombies would.

Bill said...

Men, some great thought and consideration here today. Good on yous.

After much thought and consideration of my own, I think it was best expressed by whoever wrote,

"You gotta shoot them in the head."

Stephen J. said...

I sympathize with the sentiment, but it is dangerous. The left says exactly the same thing of the right as you do here of them, and one of the key hallmarks of fanaticism is the dismissal of disagreement as insanity or clinical illness.

Someone does not have to be crazy or sick to simply hold a value irreconcileable with yours.

Lena S. said...

I haven't decided yet which is worse; liberal zombies or neo-con zombies.

Anonymous said...

"In other words, I fear there will come the point (if we're not there already) that trying to reason with anybody on the left will not only be impossible, but they are so indoctrinated to hate the right (or anybody who disagrees with them), they will become violent and dangerous. And since they are so far gone that they can no longer be engaged with reason, logic, thought, intelligence or discussion, it will unfortunately force "non-leftists" with only one alternative - physical force.

Ergo it is perhaps best for the left at least try to practice what they preach and be open-minded."

Shit, you're just now figuring this out?

It's like the man said above. We're already there. We have been for a decade. I saw the signs of this disease in the CHILDREN around me when I was going to elementary school. I was rather precocious, so I always just though that that's how "normal" children act,the adults would set them straight sooner or later, I reasoned.

Now these children are over 30 years old and they are STILL children.

Our politics-the politics of our NATION- are now playground politics. It's Lord of The Flies. Fuck yes,it's dangerous.

We're going to have to experience something no or few living American(s) can remember, actually having to FIGHT for our rights-and further, having to fight our own countrymen for them.

I don't recommend going Adam Lanza on them,I'm not advocating violence, but we shouldn't hesitate to defend ourselves (however that may be) each and every time we are left with no other option.

The temptation is to give up,but remember, if you lose, the stakes are higher than your sanity,well-being,peace, or happiness.

It is the VICTORS who will write the history of these events.

How many of you could stomach having your most sacred ideals,the most reasonable things in the world-freedom, individual choice,equality before the law, written of in the terms that a Marxist feminist will characteristically write of them, and have this mischaracterization taught to your children as "historical fact"?

Survive, so that our children may know the greatness and wholesomeness of our way of life, and teach them to be wary of the false promises of so-called humanitarians and egalitarians,the lies,the way they cajole themselves into a position of power and then proceed to strip their hosts of wealth,status, and identity.

THAT is how we will win,by passing on to the next generation what we know of these people.

Lena S. said...

By the way, I wrote a similar post before I'd seen yours. A little synchronicity.


JTwig said...

Our modern politics is like watching a married couple whose marriage is nearing its end. You have one spouse who either doesn’t realize or care and can only shout and scream at the other, while the other spouse tries to use reason and other ways to work out a solution. One of two things will happen:

1)The shouter will eventually wake-up to reality of what they stand to lose and try to save the marriage.

2)The shouter will never see horrific future in store for both spouses if divorce occurs, or will actually look forward to the horrific events thinking it will give them everything they’ve been looking for in life.

Unfortunately for the shouter, divorce is usually only better for the spouse that spent years trying to fix and save the marriage. That spouse usually (eventually) feels as if a weight they didn’t know they were carrying has been lifted off their chest.

In the meanwhile the shouter usually finds that after divorce their life does not dramatically improve, mostly because the reason they are so miserable is due to their own choices.

Snake Oil Baron said...

Ideologies are like parasites of the mind rather than the brain or body. They reorder the host (the mind) to promote their continued existence and spread to other hosts.

Anonymous said...

I've actually thought of this before. The imagery is still with me: a violent, tantrum throwing ape, unable to understand the distinction between reason and their own desires. I saw it first with the literally mentally impaired, and then later when I observed the interactions of leftists in my life. It was not a very pretty realization.