Monday, April 29, 2013

If I Were an Oil Corporate Executive

I'd sell all our assets in the US,

Move our corporate headquarters to Bermuda

and tell all the ungrateful spoiled little eco-brats (and I'm not talking children) in the US

to go pound sand.

It is amazing any of them stay here, let alone supply this ungrateful country with oil.


Anonymous said...

And where would the oil companies go? Everywhere else there are no property rights. China, Russia, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia governments have nationalized their oil companies. Out of all the places in the world, they choose Texas for their home.

It's not well known, but back during the New Deal there was a Democrat controlled state that was fiercely against FDR's policies. That state was Texas. Why was this? It was due to the oil boom there. They knew how wealth was created. This caused Texas to become a swing state after FDR died. In order to keep Texas in the Democrat column, JFK had to place LBJ on the ticket. Still, Texas was not happy with what was going on. JFK was in Dallas meeting with these disgruntled Texas politicians when he was assassinated.

The point is that oil production also creates cultural change. Oil production means manly men in big huge pick-up trucks. The more oil production increases, the more the culture shifts as solid Democrat Texas showed in the 1930s. This is also why liberal strategists want to keep oil production out of their states. They don't want what happened in Texas to occur in New York or California.

Anonymous said...

I would stop funding all those feel-good environmental causes with shareholder profits. And i would raise the price of gas to above $4 a gallon since the American public has already shown an apetite to pay that much without without burning CEO's out.

Anonymous said...

Actually caring for the environment is good - and BP should pay through the nose for its incompetence.

But those stupid brats you speak of are equally against increasing nuclear energy - which could rid us of our oil addiction for the next 1000 years.

But don't be too hard on them, what can you do with a degree in midget lesbian poetry?

Bill said...

Pound sand? Make that "oil sand," Cpt, or "tar sand." Canadians will love you for it.

Bill said...

Pound sand? Make that "oil sand," Cpt, or "tar sand." Canadians will love you for it.

Unknown said...

Hmm. Every time I read a prospectus it tells me right up front - Investing is RISKY, and that I might loose my money. Apparently they can't read. More likely they believe all risk should be socialized while privatizing the benefits.

Moving is probably not the best option. Charging more for gas probably won't work with out collusion and that rarely lasts.

Not selling to the U.S. would be cutting akin to cutting your foot off at the rib cage. Bad for the health.

Moving most of the jobs out of the country might work. Not hiring liberals would be a little bit of payback.

By The Sword said...

If I were an Oil company Executive, I would sell all my U S assets, set up shop in five rival countries, buy as many patents for the harnessing of non-petrolium energy, and then I'd wait...