Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eulogy of the American Woman

As a dead woman buried six feet under the ground, I’m appreciative of all the privilege I’ve had to live a life where women were cherished and valued above men, who finally understand their role as sperm donors and tax payers and nothing more. But even more can be done, and I pass the torch to young women today and tell them to keep up the fight for gender equality, girl power, and female happiness at all costs. Thank god I was born an American girl.

Roosh hit this one a while ago and it is still gaining altitude.  You will read it.


Izanpo said...

So good, I read it twice!
Roosh hits a grand slam.

Bill said...

Hey, that was a good one.

The piece has a link to another of Roosh's essays, The War Against Men. I answered a post there concerning what to do about the problem. My suggestions has to do with bringing up sons and mentoring boys. Check it out Post 86 on that article if you like.