Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We Provide Leadership and Guidance Where There Was None

That is arguably the most important and positive benefit The Manosphere has brought to society.  I strongly recommend the link if for any other reason there's a free PDF book the guy links to and hey, who doesn't like free books?

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Ecclesiastes said...

This is either an off-topic or a side topic post.

I conducted a 'survey', asking men and women in separate forums on a dating website, what makes a man 'good'?

On the women's side, I got the results mentioned in the linked article.

On the men's side, the answers cited pursuit of moral values and ideals.

The purpose was to inform both groups that although they both used the same words, that they meant very different things. Actually it was to tell the women they were being stupid, but upon reflection I can see men were being stupid too.

Take "generosity". Women think a good man is generous because they get the stuff he's giving away. Men think a good man is generous because of a moral ideal. The women think the 'good guys' that they friend-zone are generous to suck-up. Men think they are doing the 'right thing'.

Since women are already teaching men that their ideals are contemptible crap, don't women need to be taught by men that they are disposable?

Humility is a tough virtue to teach.