Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Outstanding Cartoon on the Basics of the Stock Market

I saw this and immediately had to post it.

If you are interested in investing in stocks, or just have a philosophical interest in the accounting, finance and economics behind what drives a stock market, I strongly recommend taking my online class on stock valuation and analysis.


Theo P. said...

It's interesting how it doesn't directly mention the stock value rising or falling. This run of cartoons was made in 1953-56, so that's a good 15-20 years before "Buy low, sell high. Take your piece of the pie!"

James Wolfe said...

But profit is EVIL so we tax it away, and corporations are only interested in destroying the environment so we closed all those factories and sent them overseas, and companies should be forced to pay a living wage and provide healthcare so we passed laws to make them do the right thing, and an education is a right so we all get free student loans, but were is my job? Why did the factory close? Why did the company move overseas? Why won't they hire full time employees? Where is my minimum wage? Where are my benefits? It's not fair!

Anonymous said...

ehi cap the spearhead reviewed your book

did you notice/thank them?

ok they are not the usual babes whose pics you publish but they are good anyway

ARoss said...

Definitely interested in taking your class. Unfortunately I'll to wait for pay day to enroll as I'm broke until next week.

'Reality' Doug said...

We owe all our progress to bank credit organized by government and financiers into a private public casino. lolz

Anonymous said...

I don't trust the stock market for the simple reason that 80% of gains made on the stock market are made by Algo Trading.

The basics of a stock market are sound but these days but I don't think it was intended with such rapid sale an resale of stocks.