Friday, April 19, 2013

"But They Were Such Good Boys"

Here's why you have terrorism:


Anthony Esh said...

Not 'a my johnny! He's a-good a-boy!

John Rambo said...

HBaha, Mars and fighting robots and mutants and aliens. Sound like that game DOOM, which was fucking BAD ASS. I remember playing that back when I was 10. Such an awesome game.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Ischariot once said:

"Judas was a good boy but he ran with the wrong crowd.

Anonymous said...

If you work in the Energy Industry, there are several similarities to Robotech (since Robotech revolves around the great energy resource of Protoculture). They use mecha underwater and some of the mecha transforms into other things. You can even study a field called Mechatronics.

I suppose you also had a crush on Rook. Or were you too young for that? I never associated myself with Scott Bernard, always with Rand.

Izanpo said...

lol@ "Notta ma Johnny! He's a-gooda boy!"

Now, you know I very seldom disagree with the Captain, but I don't see a connection between the current bleak economic prospects for young men and the terrorists commencing jihad against American society. There are millions of guys, young and not so young, and they're all in the same boat. But even in their darkest fantasies they would never dream of blowing up random women and children!

This is an entirely different phenomenon.

Feminism and progressivism have destroyed everything. Today, being proud of one's country, being proud of one's own heritage is strictly verboten. Everything has been turned upside-down. The shepherd is no longer the hero. The shepherd is the unspeakably oppressive evil. Now, the rebel is the hero.

SM777 said...

If someone were to believe the lies spouted out by the mainstream media, sure, "the muslims did it" or "the patriots did it" or "the kkk did it".

However, there is another possibility. Let me run a term by you that the elite don't want you to be familiar with. "State Sponsored Terrorism".

Think "Operation Northwoods" (look it up).

How about the nazis burning the reichstag and blaming it on the jews or Nero burning Rome and blaming it on the Christians?

Who really controls the fedgov? The voters? LLLLOOOOOLLLLL

Who really benefits from the modern Amerikan version of state sponsored terrorism. The muslims? The US military is slaughtering them by the thousands every month in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not to mention Pakistan and Yemen. Do you really think the muslims in those countries, or Chechnya want anything to do with us?

Again, who benefits?

Well, terrorism is the perfect excuse for martial law. Remember the FEMA concentration camps built in the 1990's that Bill Clinton did NOT deny were under construction?

Here is his video which came off of CNN (clinton news network) back in 1995..........

SM777 said...

On a further note, I should have mentioned the term:

False Flag Terrorist Operation

Anonymous said...

Captain, you talk too much. For a Muslim, killing the dirty untouchable infidel, the unbelievers, is virtuous. The more killed, the more virtuous the Muslim. Of COURSE these boys were good boys. Highly virtuous.

Osama bin Laden in his writings explains at length and in detail why America is particularly wicked and why Americans should be killed. His writings are very clear. Muslims, especially Salafists, are extreme social conservatives. American is of course largely infidel, which is BAD. But what distinguishes America in badness is the sexual promiscuity, drug usage, lack of any sort of stable family life, etc. etc. - many of the things that people on this blog complain about - AND that American media are particularly effective in promoting these things. In Islam, Satan is the great seducer - the snake that whispers in the hearts of men. So that's why some Muslims kill, why they regard it as virtuous to kill, and why they regard it as particularly virtuous to kill Americans.

Yes, it is a kind of Crusaderism, crusaderism and its most virulent.

Anonymous said...

The problem? Jews like you.

Unknown said...

You meant Anders Breivik although he considered himself to be an antihero. A bit like the operative in firefly.

Anonymous said...

Don't overthink this stuff, folks.
The root cause is islam - period.

The moment those bombs went off I said to my wife "Those fuckin' religion-of-peace muslims are at it again! WHY do we let ANY muslims immigrate here?!?" ... and now that the bombers have been caught I still ask WHY do we let ANY muslims into America?

moneybagzz said...

Just a few thoughts:

[A] Islam is NOT a religion - it is a totalitarian way of life
that uses religion as a means to gain legitimacy amongst people
who, shall we say, are not extensively educated.

[B] Feminism is an ideology that has two operational mandates (sorry
for the pun): hatred of men and destruction of male authority and
assets. Other explanations are merely sidebars.

[C] Say what you will, but with North Korea AND Iran both steaming
headlong towards nuclear capability, the removal of Saddam Hussein from power was one of the better outcomes of the Bush Presidency, all things considered.

[D] I generally agree with the notion that men want a growing economy in which to use their talents to accumulate assets (intellectual, financial and real) for their progeny. Feminism runs
directly counter to that idea.

[D] Not all men are perfect, but Feminism preaches that all women are perfect and we would have a perfect world but for those horridly evil men.

Have a great week!

NormalGuy said...

Why muslim terrorists?

Cuz Amerika is at war with them.

Why homegrown terrorists?

Cuz your government is at war with them.

Why terrorism?

Cuz it works!