Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dirty, Sloppy Linkage

Wow, who knew she'd end up as a worthless academian bureaucrat!?

Maureen Dowd is HOT!  You're just an ageist, sexist, bigot who's intimidated by a strong, independent woman!

Ahhh, yes, "The Healthy Penis!"  That'll make our enemies quiver in their boots and think twice about taking us over!

Dude, that's pretty freaking manly. I'd like to see a liberal arts major do that.

Your morning NSFW funny ha ha.

My children will never grow up with yours as I refuse to bring them into this world with your genetic excrement running feral and rampant.

Hmmmm....dominance trumps sexuality and sexual preference.  Veeeeerrry interesting.

And just when my X Box breaks AND the repair kit doesn't work.  Curse you Aurini!!!!!!

But math is tough!


Unknown said...

I don't know what a liberal arts major would do about melting lead tire weights, but I think an engineering student could improve on using a camp stove in a barn.

How about a contest for your undergrad engineer readers to come up with an better method of doing this?

And perhaps solicit papers from Met E students about the effects on gun barrels of impurities in bullets made from dodgy lead.

sth_txs said...

Well, hey, at least SF used a penis instead of vagina! Its always about women anyway most of the time. :LOL:

Aurini said...

Man, I spent four hours disassembling and trying to rebuild my phone after it fell in a cup of coffee; finally gave up and just bought a jailbroken one over the internet.

(My carrier doesn't offer any that have both touchscreen and keyboard).

Anonymous said...

How long before the 'genetic experiment' is found to be a 'better way'?
How long after that will it be offered at university for thousands of dollars?