Sunday, April 28, 2013

Grown Women Don't Read "Twilight"

Or Cosmo


Or 50 Shades of Gray

Or anything you can find in the check out lane at your local grocery store.

Which means grown women are definitely in the minority.


Anonymous said...

the artical starts well but ends with advice to use another centuries brain rot for "beter" reading material. sure, in previous centuries they used more and pretty words, it all amounts to the same escapism, idealistic fantasy

oh and I am a female in case this might make a difference in your opinion of this posted opinion

beta_plus said...

The Adam Corolla rant attached is absolutely priceless.

Ghost of 503 said...

Curious about your thoughts on Pride & Prejudice as Darcy vs. Edward Cullen has become something of a repeat subject for demotivational posters.

Anonymous said...

The author also says grown men don't play video games, watch cartoons or read comics.

Just sayin