Friday, April 12, 2013

"I Don't Dress Up For You! I Dress Up for MYSELF!"

Of the many lies men will be told from the ages of 12 to...umm....death, one of the more misleading ones (that can trip you up for years unless you learn the deceit behind it) is,

"I don't do X for you!  I do it for myself!"

"X" being

dressing up
make up
working out
etc. etc.

Right off the bat many of these "items" should prove to be an obvious lie.

What woman REALLY wants to wear make up?

What woman REALLY wants to work out? (hell, what man does?)

If you are REALLY going to do something for yourself, then it is by (a non-pejorative sense) selfish.  You truly don't care what other people think.  So when it comes Saturday day and the girlfriend is out of town, do you think I'm going to

wake up early
run 6 miles
clean the house
put on nice clothes
and fix the car

for myself???

Hell no!  I'm sleeping in till 11AM, drinking during the day, playing video games, and going out with the guys.  And on top of it I'm not dressing up for nobody!  It is a TRULY selfish endeavor and ergo if you're really "doing it for yourself" you will engage in vices and not virtues such as working out, glaming yourself up, etc. etc.

However, the reason this lie is so tricky is because when a woman says this, it is a half-truth.

While she is NOT dressing up for you, she IS dressing up for somebody else.  And that somebody else certainly is NOT her (at least in a direct sense).

Again, we revisit the realm where economics and sexuality meet.  Women are (primarily) driven by attention.  Attention from who?  Attention from anybody.

Oh, go ahead and threaten me with your Adria Richard's hallow threats, I'm sorry dearies, I have nothing left to lose.  Besides, this is a fact and is truth.  And if you don't like that...well, then maybe you really don't like being treated as an equal and perhaps like every other guy I could continue lying to your face to spare your precious little feelings.  But I'm sorry, I'm not a sexist.  I believe in the equality of the sexes so you'll APPRECIATE me treating you as a GENUINE equal and never daring to lie to you as that would be degrading. 

Anyway, women crave attention.  And the primary way (before social media) they can get that is by simply dressing the part.  This is why in large part you can be at a bar/club, see a group of girls LITERALLY dressed as ladies of the evening, approach them and get your butt shot down.  They REALLY weren't dressing that way for you, just as they technically weren't dressing that way for themselves.  They were merely dressing that way to get your attention and the attention of others.  And should a supreme specimen of man (professional athlete, celebrity, obvious rich man) approach them, that is also why they dressed that way or went to the gym.

In other words, don't be a fool on either end of this half-lie, half truth.  She really isn't doing it for you.  And, yes, in a roundabout way she is doing it for herself.  But she is ultimately doing it to garner the attention of other people, both men and women.


Glen Filthie said...

Holy crap!!!


Truth like that gets men killed! Well done!

In the meantime if there are any shreiking lunatic rancid liberal feminists the Captain HASN'T offended...please stand by!


Unknown said...

Maybe this can explain why some women can be so fickle when it comes to dating men. Changing their minds in a crafty, conniving way.

I should have also mentioned this book by David Stockman that came out recently called "The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism" that I've been wanting to read to in your last post.

Anonymous said...

I think you're leaving out specific utility.

When I want something from my husband,I'm more likely to get it if I look nice. Especially if he doesn't particularly want to give it to me.

Sadly, after 15 years, he's on to me. If he comes home and I'm wearing my sexiest yoga pants (hey - some of them are really hot), and a tight shirt, and I've combed my hair and put on lipstick, he KNOWS I want something.

So in that sense, I am wearing/doing it for myself.


Unknown said...

I actually enjoy working out, powerlifting, etc. Long distance runs I don't always like, but weightlifting, sprints, etc I have found to love the means to the end, and I like the end too.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

It's all about deception.

Women wearing makeup and dressing "nicely" is merely an exercise in subterfuge.

Take the mask off - especially once you're married (a key goal of most women)- and the beast underneath is revealed.

Caveat Emptor.


Unknown said...

Update: My sister finally got into law school and it's at this college in Macon called Mercer University and she still won't listen to me when I keep warning her about the dwindling job market.

Anonymous said...

It is actually more true of guys believe it or not. If I dress up it is mot always for myself.

Andrew said...

Roberto, no offense, but Mercer is awful. I go to Kennesaw State, and last year they held the 2012 Owl Classic Mock Trial Tournament. Me and a team of undergrad KSU students (Juniors) went up against a Mercer team, and they were truly horrible. Their opener literally read his speech off the paper, they chose the worst witnesses, asked incriminating questions against their own witnesses, and just didn't understand how to put a case together to make an argument. To put it bluntly--against the other mock trial teams at Kennesaw State during practice, I was *passable* at closing, at best. When I did my team's closing against the Mercer team? Several people on the Mercer team came up to me and asked in awe, "Did you really come up with that closing, or did you somehow write it all out beforehand?" (closings are half what your team comes up with, and half improvised with whatever your side gets out of the other team, either what their attorneys say, or their witnesses.) Mercer is a waste of money--logic says that the best team gets sent to the local tournament, and their team was horrible.

Anonymous said...

I believe the word you're looking for is "narcissist".

Anonymous said...

No, you are not, all together, correct. I do all those things so I could feel more confident in my ability to look good to the men I find attractive, not just any old body.

So when a girl tells a guy that she makes herself pretty for herself, and not for him, what she means is that she does it to conjure something pleasant for herself, not for him. And his particular attention isn't pleasant. He isn't the guy whose attention is flattering. Say, a fat guy tries to chat me up... That's downright annoying. No, I didn't do my hair for him. All men aren't created equal.

P.S. I actually love working out. But the high heels and make up are for the interesting, good looking guys.

MMA said...


Your sister needs to learn hard truths herself and be responsible for them.

An associate in my firm has $200k in Student Loans from Marquette University in Milwaukee. Tuition and living expenses. She estimates that she wouldn't be able to pay that off in 25 years at the rate of $2000 a month.

I'm 10 years out, and I still owe about $49k.

She might be smart, and she might hit that lottery ticket of an awesome law job. But she's already got a strike or two against her if she's going to what lawyers would term "a third tier toilet" school, like Mercer.

Look at the cold hard truths here:

Under 30% employment at graduation!

Red Pill Woman said...

This is insanely true. Although, when I'm with my boyfriend I always look nice. When I'm out running errands by myself I look like shit. I think because the attention I receive from him is far superior to the attention I receive from other people, so it's not WORTH it when it's other people. And maybe I don't trust myself, or something.