Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Prevalence of "Self Harm"

What I found interesting in this is how "self harm" was so highly ranked as the #1 or #2 cause for injury in young females.  What I also found interesting is how bad men are presumed to be for women in society, even when it's not true.

Oh well.  Just another reason to sit and watch society burn and not care, maybe even laugh at it a bit.


Mirabilis said...

My theory: Women are built to withstand a lot of pain and hardship, and when they don't get it, they malfunction by cutting themselves.

Not so long ago, any reasonably healthy woman was pregnant and working hard physically from age 14 to age 40 with not letup. That's what their bodies are designed for.
I also think that the 50 Shades frenzy is partly a result of that. Their genes miss the good old days. The pain-free and hedonistic society we live in is taking a huge toll on them.

Pete Brewster said...

You haven't seen anything yet.

As the decline sets in in earnest, Uncle Sam's cheques start to bounce, Fed-confetti starts to be most useful for cleaning up cat-puke, and firms infested by feminist HR parasites die like flies for want of men dumb enough to do any work beyond the bare minimum, the Valium, Stoli and Schick retirement plan is going to look better and better every year.

Bonne décadence!

Sebastos1560 said...

Well I'm watching my parents burn and in all honesty, it's pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago I visited my local Shaver Shop to buy a pack of safety blades, they didn't have any in stock but said they would text me when new stock came in.
The young woman who served me, maybe mid 20's, had her arms exposed and I could see lots of slash scars there, maybe 20 or so. I didn't say anything but it gels with what you are saying.
I guess the upside is that she is employed and still alive!