Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Make Believe James Bond Linkage

As I play "James Bond" in Florida and the Caribbean, here is some linkage from the kind agents holding down the fort at Fort Cappy:

Housing Market Bubble Part II

I'm getting my Bachelors of Arts in Porn.

Karl has a competition going on where you can win GLORIOUS HAT!!!!

I know a lot of you have been taking an interest in silver so thought a little post/podcast on the supply side of the silver market might be of interest.

This is laughable.  They're going to try to ban guns from (get this) ILLINOIS PUBLIC HOUSING!!!

Happy Day for Says Uncle as he approaches 9 million!  Mayhaps somebody from Cappy could be his 9 millionth reader!

Why can't I find a maaaaaaaannnnnn??!!!!! (picture IS safe for work, but just gross)


Amethyst said...

I guarantee one day you'll see a picture of Vagina-Girl passed out drunk on the floor of a frat house with a series of bumps magic-markered around her slit with an arrow and the words "HERPES" scrawled next to them. It's inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Banning guns from public housing makes perfect sense. Gun control is rooted in keeping blacks disarmed. So this is just a continuation of historic practice.

Public housing = free apartments for black people.

Captain Capitalism said...

New Reb,

Help me with the "gun control was to keep blacks from owning gun" thing. Link, something?

Anonymous said...

Ok. This is how google works. You type in something, and you get a whole list of links. Then you flip through them to see if any are the ones you are looking for.

That's what you are asking me to do since this is knowledge in my head.

But I am all about helping a brother out. So here you go:


sunshinemary said...

Thanks for the linkage, Captain!