Sunday, May 12, 2013

Latest Epidsode of The Clarey Podcast

In this episode Aaron showcases his new recording equipment and software as he talks about how he'd rather have a celebrity roast than a funeral, how church was so boring he actually read the bible, why everybody should write a book, how it's sad men can no longer ask women to dance, and that yes, he is indeed good looking.


FUBAR Nation Ben said...

Aaron, I read your book "Worthless" in one sitting. It was great except for the fact that I graduated from grad school last september. I was heartened by the fact that I majored in accounting. Even so, later in the book you say that accounting graduates won't be able to perform high level work unless they work for the Big Four. At least it's better than nothing.

Regardless, it seems like the book is out of date. I have been reading your latest posts and have been watching your latest videos and now you're saying that STEM is not worth it because there are 3 graduates for every 2 STEM job openings. You also said in one of your recent vidoes that actuarial science is not worth it anymore due to the numerous hard tests that must be taken in order to get anywhere in the field.

Can you make a video or post that updates the book to reflect these new realities?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

That "screen thing" is a pop filter. It lessens the impact of plosives on the element in your microphone.

Karl said...

Comrade Captain, I'm almost through this latest podcast. Another fine piece of work.

One thing I like about this podcast is that you speak to a recent Cappy Cap blog post. May I suggest you make this a common theme in future podcasts? What a great way to expand on a thought and link the blog and podcasts!

Karl to the radio said...

Two songs I want played at my funeral are The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn and Sally MacLennane.
Pogues rule.