Sunday, May 19, 2013

Some Very Practical Advice for Young Men

And you young men should listen to your elders so you have a better life than we did!


Anonymous said...

I spent 10 decent years in the army (Canada) as a young man an it was ok. It was no where near as exciting as I had imagined it would be. I basically got down size out of a job when the army shrank after withdrawal from Germany. The worst part about being in the army is that it is a government institution with all that entails. Unfortunately you can't really be a "free lance" any more.

I think its a good thing for a young man to do for a few years, but i wouldn't plan on making a career out of it. - minuteman

Eric S. Mueller said...

I was a Fire Controlman in the Navy from '92-'98. His post is almost exactly what I would tell you.

Unknown said...

Even if there was a draft, I wouldn't be eligible anyway and I heard the benefits don't even pay that well anyway. Useful trades are a better idea, IMO!

Anonymous said...

The military is gradually becoming a vulgar prole party run by a rapidly developing gay old boys network at the top. Drones didn't take long at all to soften and corrupt the institution.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cappy,

For those who aren't prepared to stop the hamster wheel turning:

False hope. There's nothing quite like it...

dannyfrom504 said...

thanks for the linkage Aaron. i'll get disk one to you tomorrow. kisses cookies.

mts1 said...

It was a good change-up for me. After squandering time getting a Data Processing BS that I shopped around until the job offer people got to telling me my degree was too old, I said f it all, I did it your way parents, and now I'm doing what I intended, and went to the Army recruiter. Of course I aced the ASFAB. They wanted me to go in for the full 8 (all enlistments were for 8 years; just your active time was shorter) and after having just had a long term commitment fail me, I told them what's your shortest enlistment, and can I have it with a side order of overseas duty? Be firm w/o being a dick. So I had a 2 year stint in Germany which I could've lengthened if it wasn't for the end of the Cold War.

There's nothing like looking at the institution from the inside. Only then can you see what the other MOS (job class) actually does, what advancement really is, and what army life is. Me telling you what to expect is like describing being in a tornado, which is a thin shadow of the actual experience. My time was from the late 80's, so not applicable to today's experience.

Ask what the shortest active duty enlistment is, choose the MOS furthest from grunt (11B or 13B) since the people there will crush your brain with their stupidity. When it's time to re-up, then see what the chance is to re-train for another MOS, if you can be slotted far enough ahead of time so you GET the spot. The guys inside can give you more reliable info than the used car salesman doubling as the civilian recruiter. There's a reason that one of the Basic Training cadences begins "my recruiter, he told me a lie..." I was in a missile unit with mostly junior college types who likewise were just pissed and wanted away from old home for a bit, so it was great for socializing and actually expanding my mind, along with the foreign country experience.

Sure you can get sucked into fighting on the front of a war. And the .gov is doing its darnedest to try to light things up in-country, with all the hyperbole exciting the left and the real tyranny exciting the right, and the hard leftists dying to make the whole thing burn, so even not being in the military doesn't guarantee dying peacefully in bed in Pleasantville anymore. You can be a chemical engineer at the refinery the minute it decides to splodey-dope. What do you want to do, live forever? Even if you just fell off the back of the 5 ton, if you do die, you did it in a way honored by 15K years of society - in the uniform of your country.

And yes, do not get married, do not go in married, do not marry the local frau who serviced the whole battalion before you came to town, but acted like a virgin with you and now you got one-itis for little Claudia. There is a reason Lawton OK (by Fort Sill) is loaded with Korean and German EX-wives by the dozens. I have hours of stories, none good, except mine since I never allowed myself to fall over anyone while in.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cappy,

A couple more links you might like:

The first one: women shaming men for wanting women who take care of themselves at a dating service for men seeking women who take care of themselves.

The second one: an 18 y/o girl is facing jail after having a sexual affair with a 15 y/o girl. So, it's supposed to be ok when a girl 'bangs' an underage girl, but it shouldn't be if the 18 y/o was a boy?
Gotta love the logic!

Moneycation said...

There is some truth to listening to the wisdom of elders. They have experience in life that young people can learn from.

Having said that however, Generation X are expected to face tougher economic conditions and less wealth than previous generations according to research from Pew Charitable Trusts.

Nevertheless, some wisdom, economic, financial and otherwise, is probably better than no wisdom at all.